Thursday, January 30, 2014

Talking Comics Gives 'Invaders' 10,000 Fireballs

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Bobby and Cynthia reviewed Marvel Now! Invaders #1.
  • Photo courtesy of Cynthia Gerriets
  • Bobby and Cynthia reviewed Marvel Now! Invaders #1.

Great balls of fire! Talking Comics' Cynthia and Bobby reviewed the hottest comic on the stands: Marvel Now! Invaders.

Human Torch(James Hammond), Bucky(Winter Soldier), Captain America, and Namor team-up to stop the Kree empire from making an army or Norse gods. You guys, so much fire action.

This is James Robinson's latest Marvel work since he decided not to renew his DC Comics exclusive contract. Invaders artist Steven Pugh has been work-for-hire, but he has also jumped ship after working DC New 52 titles like Animal Man and Swamp Thing. You have to check out Pugh's creator owned series Hotwire. I'm glad to see both creators working together, even if it's for a lackluster superhero group like the Invaders.

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