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Holiday Gift Ideas From 'Hood City'

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Do you love Tucson enough to wear a shirt inspired by Food City and bacon wrapped hotdogs?

TUCSON IS THE SHIT is a group of local artist that sells art, jewelry, apparel and accessories influenced by the old pueblo. The website says 90% of the sales go to the creators. My favorite for sale is the Grill memorial shirt. It only costs $15 unless you're David Mendez. 

About a year ago Tucson's GRILL was burned to the ground by rampaging Juggalos. Celebrate the memories and history of the wonderful and greasy diner/venue/cucaracha-farm with this Sonic Youth rip-off.

If you ever worked at the GRILL and want one of these shirts, send us a message through the CONTACT page and you will get a promo code for 25% off the cost of the shirt. If your name is Dave Mendez, you can have one for free but it will be filled raw meat and regurgitated Faygo.

I like the idea that the Grill was burned down by a juggalos after a Insane Clown Posse show. I'm no detective, nor do I have any evidence for this claim, but my money is on Christopher Edward Terry and his fellow juggalo and juggalette. I really, really miss those tater tots. 

Click here to visit the website and buy yourself a R.I.P. Grill shirt.

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