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BICAS to Find New Space in 2014?

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Beloved nonprofit downtown advocacy and recycling center Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage is considering a move from its unique base of operations in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood.

“BICAS is preparing for its 25th anniversary,” BICAS administrative coordinator Kylie Walzak said in a phone interview. "We will be creating a series of events and fundraising opportunities to raise $200,000 and buy a new building. We have used up all 5,900 square feet at our current location and looking to expand."

The organization plans to find a new spot within two miles from the Citizen Warehouse.

“We want to stay close to our community,” Walzak said.

BICAS organizers has reached out to local estate broker Buzz Isaacson for locations, and advised Tucson City Council members Karin Uhlich and Regina Romero of their plans to relocate.

BICAS is anticipating problems related to the upcoming Aviation Parkway extension project, aka the Downtown Links project. Walzak says the construction of the four-lane extension from Aviation to the interstate will become an issue for customers and the cycling center.

“We will lose access to all of our parking, it will difficult to accept donations, make loading for community outreach difficult,” Walzak said.

Walzak says that chatter about relocating has been going on since she started five years ago.

“We have received an overwhelming request to stay," she said. "There’s a lot nostalgia and sentimentality attached to the location."

BICAS currently has 15 part-time employees, along with 30 volunteers, and services more than 6,000 visitors every year. Walzak is optimistic and excited about some of the potential upsides of moving to a new location.

“I’d like BICAS to have indoor plumbing, windows, a bathroom, heating and cooling,” she said. 

There aren't immediate plans to vacate the current location. The organization still has a year to negotiate another the terms of their lease with WAMO and stay in the Citizen warehouse. 

The 18th Annual BICAS Art Auction is taking place on Dec. 6 and 7 at the Whistle Stop Depot, 127 W. Fifth St. Walzak says attendees can get more more information about the possible move and get a sneak peek on plans for 25th Anniversary in 2014. There will be art, music, bikes, food trucks and activities for the children.

Click here to RSVP on the Facebook event page for the art auction.

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