Friday, October 18, 2013

Losing My Rocky Horror Virginity

Annamae makes her Range debut with style.

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Tomorrow night is the monthly midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. It's an experience that is never the same twice. At least for me.

The stories told by my family members have always seemed a hell of a lot different from those I heard from my friends. My favorites were always the ones my mom would tell of her time with Rocky Horror. She'd joined the crew at the Loft, and was on board primarily as Janet, though she loves to talk about the time she played Frankenfurter. My best memories from being little typically involve dancing the Time Warp with my mom and sister, or putting on bright red lipstick while lip synching in the mirror.

Hearing these stories were always fun, but always seemed like a different world completely to me. I'd honestly forgotten all abut it until one Friday in July, my best friend Kelia told me to come with her to the Loft that Saturday night for Rocky Horror. I had no idea it was still going on. And when I told my mom I was going, she managed to look horrified and sentimental at the same time. (Having gone, I now understand why. No one knows what happens at Rocky better than my mom.)

Kelia and I showed up, her cross dressing and me in a see through top with a cheetah print bra (probably the reason for the worry in my mom's expression, more than anything.) My knowledge of Rocky was fairly disfigured with time, so I had no idea what to expect, especially when embossed with a red lipstick V on my cheek, signifying a Rocky Horror virgin. Long story short, I ended up on stage faking an orgasm into the microphone while the crowd cheered me on. When we sat back down, the crowd made a popping sound, officially taking our Rocky Horror virginity.

My mortification with the whole orgasm debacle was short lived when I saw what the rest of the virgins had to do. Whip cream body shots, putting condoms on bananas with only your mouth, same sex make out. We got off easy, comparatively. A lot of my friends wonder why I find this so much fun. Hearing the stories, people tend to think its only about public humiliation. Its hard to explain why I love it so much, just like my mom did. It has something to do with the lack of judgement.

I don't think I've ever blushed so hard before in my life, but I've never laughed as hard before, either. Everyone's laughing together because every one of them have been there. Jumping out of your seat to dance the Time Warp with a bunch of screaming strangers and not worrying about them thinking you're weird is a pretty awesome feeling. We throw rice and squirt each other with spray bottles and have a hell of a time and don't judge one bit. Having that much fun makes you not really care what happened to Saturday night.

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