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Chief Keef Bailed On His Show in Tucson Because He Apparently Doesn't Like Having More Money or Fans

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Chief Keef, the 18-year-old rapper out of Chicago who is known for producing something that resembles hip-hop at times, bailed on his show in Tucson last week in an impressive fashion — you see, he no-showed his concert not once, but twice. Because, you know, 18-year-old millionaires famous for songs such as "Hate Bein' Sober" are great at keeping to their schedules.

First, his postponed show on Wednesday was due to an alleged death in the family, which seems reasonable enough.

I mean, it would be reasonable if it were true. The fact that he straight-up no-showed his Friday show might lead someone to reasonably wonder how many grandparents this guy has, and whether or not one "dies" every few weeks. Granted, he sure didn't seem too upset, given he was in San Diego for his Sept. 5 show and in L.A. for his Sept. 7 show at Rock the Bells.

The Rialto Theatre, which would have played host for both shows, and Phenomenon Concerts, who worked to put the show together, were understandably a bit unhappy:

Of course, what Keef probably didn't realize in blowing off his shows is that he pissed off a fair number of people who actually wanted to see a guy who can't stop writing lyrics about he and his buddies being fucked up off of Ecstasy:

(And considering that Keef's music videos tend to involve him hanging around without a shirt on, surrounded by his boys, that's pretty goddamn impressive.)

But it's ok, Tucson. We'll always have Jess to come to bat for us.

The moral of the story: Chief Keef is a shitty rapper and bails on shows, so doing business with him is a poor idea.

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