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There's a Jingle for the Forthcoming "Michigan Lefts" So It's All Going to Be OK Now

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Apparently these "indirect lefts" that will going in up and down Grant are actually going to be a thing that we have to figure out as drivers, but thankfully, the RTA has this happy (and very brief) jingle to assist with the process. Put it on repeat and sing along!

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Charles Bradley Puts the Soul Back Into Soul at the Rialto Theatre, Aug. 22

Posted By on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Read the current Tucson Weekly for Joshua Levine's Live review, and enjoy more of C. Elliott's photo coverage right here.

Charles Bradley Aug. 22 at the Rialto Theatre
  • C. Elliott
  • Charles Bradley Aug. 22 at the Rialto Theatre

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The Apache Drive-In in Globe Is Closing

Posted By on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Joe Bob Briggs, the esteemed Drive-In movie critic, once wrote the only way to enjoy watching movies was "out under the stars, like God intended, in the privacy of my own automobile."

Sadly, that experience is just about cooked. In Tucson, those days died when the De-Anza Drive-In was demolished in 2009. As of this year, only 357 drive-in theaters exist in America.

Come September, make that 356. According to the Globe Miami Times, after almost 60 years, the Apache Drive-In in Globe is closing their gates. It's just another casualty of the recent push by Hollywood studios for theaters to covert to the digital format. All across the country theaters are shutting their doors because they can't afford the new technology.

This Labor Day weekend is the last weekend the Apache Drive-In will have regular programming, but on Sept. 28 they're having one last picture show. They'll be showing American Graffiti, George Lucas' film about hot-rodding, sock hops, and coming-of-age in the clean-cut early '60s. Starring Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Cindy Williams and Wolfman Jack, it's a perfect film for the Apache to go out on. Tickets to the event are limited to 200, and they're going fast. You can find more info and purchase tickets here.

Now's a good time as any to take the Official Drive-In Oath. Written by Joe Bob Briggs (aka humorist John Bloom, whom you might remember from The Daily Show's "Godstuff" segments) over 30 years ago, it's the only manifesto to my knowledge for the drive-in aficionado. Stand up and be counted.

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Polyphonic Spree and the Gospel of Light

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Polyphonic Spree at Club Congress, Aug. 26
  • Dallas Josephy
  • Polyphonic Spree at Club Congress, Aug. 26

With more than 25 players onstage at at Stubbs BBQ, an outdoor arena the size of a football field , Polyphonic Spree debuted at SXSW in March, 2003, less than a week before the U.S. invaded Iraq. Song by song their performance elevated what was then a multitude of stressed out, disagreeable music fans, all concerned, one way or another, for their county. By the end of the set, if they hadn't achieved Nirvana, they at least had found their happier selves, the selves that smile and wave their arms, and appreciate that their fellow humans can feel the same.

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Here's a Chance to Get Some of the Money You Spent on Expensive Juice Back

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My memory is so terrible that I never remember which of these class-action settlement forms I've filled out, but yet, every time I hear about one, I dutifully enter my information in the hope that I'll receive a surprise check down the road in the mail.

So, while I make no guarantees about whether you'll get the $45 potentially available from Naked Juice in a new class action settlement (the juices weren't so naked apparently since they included calcium pantothenate, GMOs, and some other less juice-like ingredients), but it's worth a shot if you think you bought some of their juice at some point between September 27, 2007 to August 19, 2013. If you have a proof of purchase, you're eligible for more, but really, who keeps a stack of juice UPCs just in case?

Join me in wishing and hoping for an eventual bit of extra cash.

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A Nice, Blunt Take On The Ongoing Pac-12/DirecTV Kerfuffle

Posted By on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 12:30 PM

I am a DISH Network subscriber, have been for more than three years now. And while it's not the greatest provider in the world, it gets the job done. Besides, I also get to yell HOPPAH! all around the house as I bask in the ability to record six shows at once and watch them in whatever room I choose.

I probably would not be a DISH subscriber, though, if it hadn't picked up the Pac-12 Network last year. Though the channel as a whole is pretty lame, it's what is necessary to watch whatever Arizona football and basketball games don't get picked up by the other channels. And that's important to me, both as a sports fan and as someone who gets paid to bitch about watch sports.

The Pac-12 Network is available on Cox and Comcast, too, so all of you Tucson-area non-satellite people (you know, the old schoolers) are also in luck.

Sucks to be y'all, DirecTV patrons.

The college football season officially begins tonight, with games on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CBS Sports Network and the fledgling Fox Sports 1 (the channel formerly known as, but never watched as, Speed). So, Pac-12 fans, you're in luck, for at least one night.

But you don't get the Arizona-Northern Arizona game on Friday, nor do you get games involving UCLA or Oregon State (sorry Dan Gibson) on Saturday. And next week you'll miss out on six of the nine games involving Pac-12 schools.

So, why the heck haven't you switched over, like a lot of people (at least according to retweets from Pac-12 people and Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne would indicate) have already done?

Both the Pac-12 and DirecTV have said it's the other one that is at fault for why there's still no deal (and likely won't ever be a deal) between the entities. I say bullsh*t, which is the same thing that is said in a much more polished, but just as blunt take on the issue that Awful Announcing put together this week.

You can read that piece over and over, DirecTV subscribers. Meanwhile, I'll be running around my house, yelling HOPPAH! as I watch any and every game involving the Pac-12.

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This Week in Dubious Achievements: Mike Polak Edition

Posted By on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 11:30 AM

To anyone vaguely connected to the media, political campaigns are notable for the volume of emails they send out. Any achievement, endorsement or event prompts an electronic communication to a distribution list. For some reason, I ended up on a list for a Phoenix City Council candidate recently and his people would send an email everyday mentioning that he went to lunch somewhere or something. It was a bit counterproductive.

Yesterday, I got my very first campaign email from Mike Polak, Republican candidate to represent Ward 5 on the City Council (although to be fair, I haven't received any emails from his opponent, Richard Fimbres), but it's possible Mr. Polak's people might want to reevaluate what news is actually worth boasting about:

Mike Polak Wins Republican Primary for Tucson City Council in Ward 5

TUCSON, Ariz. — Tuesday August 27th, Tucson City Council Candidate Mike Polak won the Republican Nomination for Ward 5. In the city of Tucson Ward 5 is one of the poorest areas and right now is in desperate need of real leadership. Citizens all over Tucson will have the chance to vote for Mike Polak on November 5, 2013 when the election is held for the general election. For Mike's part he is excited to give Tucson residents a choice for a better Tucson. Mike now faces incumbent Richard Fimbres in the general election, which switches to a citywide vote.
"I would like to thank the voters of Ward 5 who voted for me in the primary election," Mike stated. "I would like to also thank James Kelley for his efforts up to the primary, and I look forward to working with my new team for the general election," Mike continued.

Of course, as you probably already know, Polak, like all of this year's City Council candidates, ran unopposed. However, seeing that some local Republican candidates lately have had trouble just getting on the ballot, this accomplishment might actually be worth an email, now that I think about it.

Possibly notable to the most "inside baseball" of Tucson politics observers, Polak's email does offhandedly mention that James Kelley has been replaced with a "new team" for the general election. So there's that.

Don't be a stranger, Mike and "new team." I look forward to a fulfilling digital communication relationship.

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Football And Gambling: Kissing Cousins

Posted By on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:30 AM

As much as the National Football League and the NCAA would like you to believe otherwise, there's no denying the unofficial — some would say unavoidable — link between college and professional football and the concept of wagering on said sports.

Go to any sports book in Las Vegas, and football is far and wide the most active sport in terms of bets placed. And though sports betting isn't "legal" anywhere else in the U.S., ambitious bettors who shall not be named specifically know there are plenty of offshore-based online sites that will gladly take your bets.

Such betting exists for any and all sports, but football is by far the king.

There is no official form of sports gambling in Arizona, but thanks to the promotions people at Tucson's local casinos, you've essentially got the next best thing: the prospect of free money that is loosely linked to college and pro football. And to spending time in the casinos.

Both Casino del Sol and Desert Diamond Casino have football-based promos that begin this week, and some of them even come with the "no purchase necessary" tag, if you can believe it.

At DDC, you've got two options: you can test your skill at picking the winners of NFL games, for the chance of winning free play in the slot machines; or you can just be a UA football ticket holder and rake in the free play for simply going to games.

DDC has enhanced its Cats Play, We Play promo this fall, putting a premium on the UA winning its games. Present a ticket stub from a Wildcats home game within three days of the contest and get at least $10 in slot play. If Arizona won the game, though, it's upped to $20.

(Writer's note: I might be swayed to sell my second ticket to each game for $9 or $17 in cash, depending on the outcome each week.)

The Pick The Pros campaign begins Friday, even though the first NFL game isn't until Sept. 4. Picks are made via kiosks inside the casino, and if you're among the top 20 in that week's rankings, you get $100 in slot play. Somehow correctly pick 197 of more (!) of the 239 games included in the contest and you'll get a $1 million prize that's paid in 20 annual installments.

Del Sol also has a picks contest, dubbed the Kickoff Pickoff, but unlike last year's similar promo this time around you're not limited to just one entry per NFL week. You can enter a seemingly infinite number of times, and make different picks, as you get one entry per day that you swipe your player's card at the casino kiosk. You can also get additional entries if you collect enough points on your card in a day.

Del Sol's weekly prizes are tiered, with $2,500 in free play given out each week and $1,000 of that going to the top picker. There's also $1,500 free play "quarterly" performance prizes, and the season's overall winner is guaranteed $5,000 in cash. If that winner gets 210 (!!) of the 239 games right, though, the prize jumps to a milly.

Del Sol also has brought back its uber-popular scratch-off game for NFL and college games that are broadcast in the poker room. If you're in a live game, you get a ticket, and if the last digit of each team's scores matches what's on your card you can win straight cash homey for each quarter.

Expect both casinos to bring forth similar promotions come college basketball season, too.

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