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Let's Watch Other People's Wives Wear Swimsuits

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Promotion in Tucson is impossible to predict.

Some events are bandied about through press releases, billboards and other attempts to reach the public far in advance of the actual event itself. Then there are those that seem to swoop into town completely unannounced considering the lack of pimping that's done to get people interested in coming out.

On that note, a show of hands for how many people were aware the Mrs. America pageant was going to be here next week? Yeah, me neither.

It wasn't until our esteemed web troll leader here at Weekly World Central, Dan Gibson, pointed it out to me (in the midst of what I now realize was some backhanded compliments related to me being a Mr. Mom) that I had any idea 51 married women representing every state and political compound were descending on the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort next Monday and Wednesday.

According to what I could find on the sparse Mrs. America Web site — which at least has been updated more recently than the event's Facebook page — the pageant has been held since the late 1970s.

It's been held in Tucson for eight years, but has gotten minimal local coverage. Other than the obligatory slide shows that one media outlet considers all the rage, that is.

This might not help the pageant's cause:


This year's Arizona delegate is Brooke Nelson, a mother of three from Gilbert. She's bidding to be the first winner from here since Tucsonan Diane Tucker took home the crown in 2006.

Mrs. America is not to be confused with Miss America, Miss USA or any other pageants devoted to "emphasizing that America’s 70 million married woman are extraordinarily beautiful, poised, articulate and versatile." The other ones don't have the nuptial requirement, and I don't think most Miss America or Miss USA participants have kids.

Which means they can't be called (again, h/t Dan Gibson) MILVFs. Or, Moms I'd Like to Vote For.

Tickets are still available for both the preliminary (Monday night) and final (Wednesday) rounds, according to the Mrs. America site. They can be ordered online - tagline: seeing the event is just a PayPal click away! - if that's your thing.

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