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The Underestimated City Streetwear Shop Is Closed, But Not Out of the Game

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The streetwear brand and proud Tucsonans over at The Underestimated City have pulled up stakes and closed down their downtown shop at 115 E. Broadway Boulevard.

TUC (see what they did there?) actually announced the closure via their social media avenues on July 16, with this post from Israel Zavala, owner at TUC:

As this may come as a big surprise to everyone it was a huge surprise to us as well. Do to uncontrollable circumstances with our lease and hard times with the down town construction. We are force to close our doors after almost 3years. Sunday July 28th will mark the last days we have our doors open to the public. The sale starts this Saturday at noon and will go on while supply's last. I want to thank everyone that has supported and shown us love. Couldn't thank you enough. Closing down something I've put my blood sweat and tears into is one of the hardest things I've had to do. So again THANK YOU all for everything -iz-

But in speaking with Zavala, we learned that TUC may be down, but they're not out just yet. Their final sale resulted in all of their stock flying off of the shelves. The demand for their products, however, still seems to be there — and they seem to be hinting at something forthcoming, noting in an exchange on Facebook posted last week that they'll be selling new shirts within the next few weeks, "before the season starts" —  referring to University of Arizona football, we presume.

Adding to the idea that TUC is still alive is the note that, in conversation, Zavala didn't sound too beat-up about the closure of the downtown space, though he did mention that downtown's current state didn't help them too much. "Once the new restaurants opened up, they took almost all of the parking away — we were still making money, it just wasn't thriving as well down there" he said, noting the ever-present streetcar construction as a factor as well.

Apparently, the plan going forward is just to regroup and figure out TUC's next move. "We're putting little hints here and there, man — we're not revealing what we're doing...we're not completely out for good though. People have their own assumptions that we're out of business, so we'll let them make it."

Whether this means that The Underestimated City is going to open up in a new location or if they'll be moving away from a permanent brick-and-mortar concept entirely remains to be seen, however.

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