Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Drawing Dicks on the Tucson Weekly' Might Be My New Favorite Facebook Group [NSFW]

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Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself.

It's a sometimes-difficult prospect in this world, filled with foolish folks, such as the James T. Harrises and the Amy's Baking Companies and the rogue commenters seeking to put themselves over everyone else. It's easy to get defensive when someone pokes fun at you.

But there's just something hilarious about having that fun poked at you with a drawing of a penis. (...That's what she said?)

Thus, I present to you Drawing Dicks on the Tucson Weekly, a Facebook group devoted to taking our fair newspaper and slapping phalluses all over it:

It's probably not horribly off-base to presume that the admins of DDoTW were inspired by the also-hilarious dick-tribute to Australia's Herald Sun (one which is getting a documentary in its honor, strangely enough), but we're amused nonetheless.

Yeah, it's childish, and yeah, it's kinda dumb. But at the same time, I don't care who you are, this is a funny and ridic(k)ulous tribute to us here at Weekly World Central, and we wholeheartedly approve. In fact, the members of the editorial staff are swelling with pride over their dickings, causing a bit of penis envy among those who have yet to have had their stories dicked.

So thanks, dick drawers. We appreciate your efforts, and look forward to your efforts, and inks, smearing the faces of the people in our paper in the future.

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