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Screwed Over By A Company? Tell On Them!

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While looking for an outlet where I could complain about my latest customer service let down (*coughCox CommunicationsCough*), I stumbled upon a website completely dedicated to providing disgruntled customers, such as myself, a place to bitch and moan.

Humorous, honest and little mean-spirited,, is the first consumer review site that allows users to post their reviews on its homepage, so it says.

A part of me has to wonder if its not a scam in itself, as it charges users $5.99 per month for such visibility. However, with more than 5 million viewers per month, it could be worth the cost.

If you're like me and you would never pay to complain, no matter how bad the service, check out their Facebook page.

17,189 other irritated customers did.

The website it set up to allow consumers to give every nitty-gritty detail of their customer service experience, or lack thereof.

With each complaint, consumers can include the company name, the product or service, the location, a category and the monetary loss suffered. Not to mention a full description of what happened, as well as pictures and videos if applicable.

As you can imagine, some of the complaints are outright ridiculous, such as this lady, who claimed a psychic took advantage of her in her weak state of mind, and convinced her to pay $5,000 for her psychic services.

Luckily, as with any popular website, there is a comment section, and commenters can vote whether the complaint is useful, funny or bullshit.

Some useful posts include car insurance issues, home delivery mishaps and bad hotel or cruise ship experiences.
Most of the posts however, are quite hilarious.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Pitiful Poodles

Pitiful Poodles
  • Pitiful Poodles

I placed a custom order for pink and lavender decorated poodle cookies to tie in with my specific table color scheme..The baker/owner, Samantha Ngy, decided to change my custom colors so she didn’t have to mix new frosting (according to her she was already using yellow for another order).

She omitted the hair bows, thereby leaving a big unfrosted spot on the top of each head. When contacted she was argumentative and defensive. This was a horrible experience with an unprofessional baker.

(17 people voted bullshit).

2. $3 an inch.

More than $3 per inch.
  • More than $3 per inch.

I love panera especially the asiago roast beef and the chicken soup. Today when I went there for my lunch break and picked up a meal for me and one for a co-worker. I called it in for pick up and gave her my order. I picked up, paid for the orders and when I got into my car and looked at my sandwich it looked a little small. I opened my asiago roast beef sandwich and saw that they gave me half of a half of sandwich. Its exactly 3 inches in length and I asked for mustard on the sandwich which was not on there. I can care less for the mustard, I paid $9.62 for a large bowl of soup and a 3 inch sandwich. Its literally 3 inches long and a piece of a slice of roast beef (not a full slice of roast beef but a small piece of a slice). I went back in the store to let them know that they made an error making my sandwich and showed them the lousy excuse for a sandwich they gave me and they all stared at me and one of them finally said that "that's how we make our sandwiches now."

(Note: 19 people voted bullshit, but hey, 18 found it helpful).

3. Beiber Fever

A Justin Beiber toothbrush that just wont sing.
  • A Justin Beiber toothbrush that just won't sing.

I have had my Justin Beiber Toothbrush exchanged 2 times. 1...stopped playing the music and the 2nd...Dead On Arrival Sad!

Then finally the 3rd one arrived I have used it once we will see what happens. The customer service department is not so bright you get the run around before you can actually get an answer on your replacement. I understand these are made in china but come on Brush Buddies sell something well worth our money.

(Six voted bullshit, for the record.)

I'm always a fan of customer review websites. They let you know who has the best service, who has the best food and provide you an opportunity to read about real peoples' experiences, rather than through the eyes of a company's public relations department.

But most importantly, they let you know that even if you have had terrible service (coughCoxCommunicationsCough), it could always be worse.

I mean hey, you could have poodle cookies with bad frosting.

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