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Kore Press Needs Your Help to Celebrate 20 Years of Empowering Writing Women

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Kore Press, the local publishing house dedicated to "lifting the voices of women and girls," is celebrating 20 years publishing this year, and is doing so by publishing a multi-author "Best of 2012" book of poetry, showing the work of 36 women poets.

The thing is, they need your help to get there. Currently, they're planning on raising half of the funds via outside sources, but that means that they need your help for the rest of it, Tucson.

From the Kore Press Kickstarter:

One of the organizing principals around which the collection has been assembled is poet Muriel Rukeyser’s famous proposition: “What would happen if a women told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

Editor Dernier says, “We did not send out a request for submissions. We read only the manuscripts already submitted in 2012 as a way of showcasing the work that women were sending to Kore within a period of time; we did not invite the writer to choose for us, I read the manuscripts, and with the help of the other editors, made final selections and came up with an order.

Though we each employed a different set of criteria for choosing our favorites, I believe these choices have a commonality: the first would surely be that electrified moment when the poem charges through and lights up the reader. Like the inventor, Nikola Tesla, who used to run the alternating electrical current through his body as a way to support his theory, readers of poetry employ a similar system."

My favorite part of this Kickstarter? The fact that each donation level's dollar amount has significance to Kore and to feminist publishing (such as the top, $1,993 level, which denotes the publishing house's incorporation and includes this tidbit in the description: "Speaking of dreaming: the conversation between founders Karen Falkenstrom and Lisa Bowden out of which Kore Press emerged, took place in 1992 at the Cup Café in the Congress Hotel.")

To help out Kore Press, check out their Kickstarter here.

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