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Gutzy Wear: What You Wear to Clubs to Confuse and Confound Potential Mates

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In another case of a Scottsdale-idea-gone-terrible, we present Gutzy Wear, a clothing line made especially for singles who are ready to mingle — and desperate enough to do so that they're wearing specifically branded clothing saying that they want a date now, please-and-thank-you.

The idea behind Gutzy Wear, according to creator and Kickstarter creator Kari Holt, is that married people wear wedding rings to show that they're unavailable — single people can wear Gutzy Wear to say "hey, you should approach me!"

Which is a great idea. In theory.

You know, like communism.

Apparently, Holt was motivated to create Gutzy Wear with the idea that, in an age where people are constantly communicating via digital means, we need something to recreate the old days where one would go up to a stranger and strike up a conversation — which apparently means that a T-shirt with a logo on it is the solution.

Here's the thing though: one can very easily do this same thing for free, by walking up to people they find attractive and starting up a conversation. Y'know, talking.

It's not easy; approaching an attractive stranger is a nerve-wracking, terrifying endeavor that shakes some people to their cores and drives others to cold sweats — but it's arguably far better than sitting around and waiting for something to happen to you.

And furthermore, Gutzy Wear is pretty damn short-sighted — I mean, what if you're completely fine with meeting people through T-shirt dating, but you're only looking for someone with certain interests, religious beliefs, sexual orientations or, uh, "physical features" (looking at you, size queens)? Are there different logos? Coloration differences? Perhaps free pins one could wear? Let's not get too crazy here — after all, Germany tried doing that in the late 1930s, and that didn't work out well for anyone.

The kicker to me though, is that Gutzy Wear is only the tip of the branding empire: apparently, these shirts are also going to carry a "connection code," that someone can use to reconnect with someone they saw out but just couldn't quite catch up with — y'know, something they can access via the Internet, almost as if they were attempting to date this Hm.

The idea seems asinine to me, but hey, I'm one of those folks that isn't on the dating market (sorry, ladies/gentlemen) — maybe this will work better for people who are looking to catch love (and other sexually-transmitted diseases) at bars.

Gutzy Wear has 19 days to reach the $10,000 goal. Currently, they're at $500. If you feel like supporting this project, head here and rest comfortably knowing that you're contributing to the offline-online-T-shirt-dating cause.

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