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'SF Chronicle' Calls Tucson Cool, So It's Time to Abandon the City

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A week or so ago, the San Francisco Chronicle was nice enough to consider Tucson a vacation destination — but unfortunately, we at Weekly World Central happen to lack subscriptions to the Chron, making it difficult for us to access their paywall-locked content.

Thankfully though, it was made free a few days ago, giving us the opportunity to read that we're apparently (sigh) a hipster paradise: "A kind of Portland without the rain. A Mission District without the attitude."

Shit. We've gone mainstream. Time to bail out and create a mecca for the weird and artsy elsewhere.

Seriously though, they're very complimentary toward Tucson, even if they keep sprinkling in obnoxious Portlandia references throughout.

From the Chron, as I will now and forever call it:

Within walking distance of the Congress is the Fourth Avenue shopping district - a favorite among U of A students, and anyone else with a fashion sense more evolved than Banana Republic. Tucson Thrift has clearly been curated for Greek house-theme parties. Racks are labeled '70s Skirts and Indian Blouses, but some of these items are so stylish, you don't need an invitation to a beer-soaked event to buy them.

Art dots the landscape of Tucson in expected - like here at the Museum of Art - and unexpected ways.

Fourth Avenue is where you'll find Desert Vintage, one of the best (and most reasonably priced) vintage shops I've ever seen, as well as Antigone Books, the independent that hosts the Steampunk book group (second Sunday of the month), as well as author readings. If you missed 1973 the first time around, stop into Hippie Gypsy. The smell (a mix of sandalwood and patchouli), the music (the Doors), the merchandise (bongs, long skirts made out of cheap Indian print cotton) - nothing has changed.

The Food Conspiracy Co-op, also on Fourth Avenue, is worth a stop. It makes Whole Foods look like 7-Eleven.

The Chron's story is very good — check it out when you get the chance. If nothing else, you'll at least be able to get a few ideas as to where to spend your last weekend in town before we all head out of here to colonize some other Southern Arizona town and turn it into another awesome hipstery haven.

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