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The Folks at Amy's Baking Company In Scottsdale Have Gone Insane [Update: They Were 'Hacked']

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[Update: The Bouzaglos claim to have been "hacked."]

We now present a masterclass in how a business owner should not respond to criticism.

You might be familiar with Amy's Baking Company, up in Scottsdale — and likely, not for the reason that a restaurant would prefer to be known for.

This 2010 video (which we're linking to due to poor audio quality) from Phoenix's KTVK shows a mighty tiff between a Phoenix-area Yelper and owner/chef Amy Bouzaglo — though, honestly, that's nothing compared to the display from the recent season finale of Gordon Ramsey's shout-fest TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, during which Amy and her husband Samy Bouzaglo freak the fuck out at anything and everything — customers, Gordon Ramsey, each other — in their quest to be a notable business.

If their aim was to gain notability through (spoilers) making Ramsey toss up his hands and walk off, they appear to have succeeded. But, they didn't stop there: somehow these folks poked the bear that is the Internet, earning a ridiculous discussion thread on Reddit that appears to have poured into their Facebook page. Now?

That seems excessive.

Presumably, Amy and Samy have decided to rain hellfire upon their Facebook audience, salting the earth where any goodwill might one day grow, with statuses and responses that include lines like "WE WILL START A GENERATION OF TRUTHFULLNESS (sic) AND WE WILL FIGHT TO BRING PLACES LIKE, YELP AND REDDIT, AND HORRIBLE PEOPLE LIKE GORDON TO THE LIGHT" and "I AM GODS CHILD. PISS OFF ALL OF YOU. FUCK REDDITS, (sic) FUCK YELP AND FUCK ALL OF YOU" and "AMERICA IS ABOUT RESSLING, (sic) IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL. THE CAKES WE OFFER ARE EXPENSIVE BECAUSE WE HAVE TO REPACKAGE AND SHIP" which is seems to be in response to (seemingly accurate) accusations that they purchase desserts and re-sell them under their own name.

My personal favorite bit is that Amy appears to be a fan of calling Scottsdale police whenever anything appears to be going down, as demonstrated in this Phoenix New Times report of the show's taping, and this spectacular threat posted on their Facebook page:

Seems legit.

That image, captioned "SEE! WE WILL GET YOU," looks to be masterfully edited to make it seem as if Scottsdale PD responds immediately and personally to each and every rude comment on the Internet directed to citizens who own businesses within city limits...which seems a mite bit implausible. Just saying.

Honestly, I'm both astounded and impressed. If you want to continue to watch Amy's Baking Company burn any good will they may have accrued at any point in the past, check out their Facebook.

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