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Like Cooking? Want To Be On a Reality Show? Feel Like Further Crushing the Throat of What Once Was "Music Television"?

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Were it not for the massive brand cache that MTV still carries (somehow) I wouldn't bat an eyelash if they decided to re-brand in some way that called to light the fact that most of their programming is reality/pop-culture, with token lip-service to music a few times a year.

Regardless, given Tucson's growing recognition as a bastion of culinary talent in the American Southwest, I think it wouldn't be a terrible idea for the Old Pueblo's cooking talents to have a coming out party on a television show that hopefully will be as great as I hope, rather than being a steaming pile of awful, as many fledgling reality shows tend to be.

From MTV and Dorin Ofir Casting: Food School!

For the first time ever MTV and Doron Ofir Casting are seeking aspiring chefs to fulfill a lifelong dream in the culinary arts that will lead to the job of a lifetime and launch a career of epic proportions.

We are seeking amateur chefs, bakers and cooking enthusiasts of all kinds (who are at least 18 years old), with the biggest personalities and a fierce appetite for competition, to live under one roof and be schooled in the most intensive and practical culinary training, with mentorship by legendary food masters.

Your fiery passion for cooking will be put to the test and be given the opportunity to experience the delicious taste of success.

A sample of questions on the application (which can be found here):

Who are you in your social circle of friends? (for example leader, follower, etc.)

Describe your personality (the good and the bad)

BRAG! What makes you the best cook out there?

and, because it would be reality television,

What kind of people do you usually get along with, and what types of people get under your skin?

Check this out, Tucson. I hope, one day soon, to liveblog your cooking experiences as you face off against the flamboyant stereotype Gregor from the Bay Area and street-wise caricature Gabriella from Miami.

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