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British Biography Series Re-imagines Historical Figures as Contemporary Folk

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Historical reimaginings are always a fun way to compare modern society to historical society (look at basically any Baz Luhrmann travesty where period pieces are shoved into a contemporary box or given modern flavors, for example), and this experiment by the folks behind British biography series "Secret Life of..." looks at historical Brits through a present-day lens — complete with plastic surgery and bad haircuts!

Modern-day Shakespeare is, not shockingly, a terrible hipster.
  • Modern-day Shakespeare is, not shockingly, a terrible hipster.

Yep, that's Shakespeare, as a hipstery actor/playwright/maker of terrible hair decisions (though I will say that the shirt and vest combo kinda works, surprisingly). From the Telegraph:

Daring and forward thinking hipster Shakespeare has been fashioned as a 'modern day playwright' with his edgy Shoreditch shirt and waistcoat look.
He has been given piercings on both ears, leaving questions about his sexuality unanswered.
An actor as well as a playwright, Shakespeare might have taken advantage of modern-day hair transplanting techniques to sport a full head of hair like numerous celebrity actors.

Check out more, including my personal favorite, Admiral Lord Nelson, at the Telegraph (via Laughing Squid).

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