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Live Out the Rest of Your Life on Mars

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If you were to watch the above video without any background, you may think it's a trailer for the latest space disaster movie. But you'd be wrong.

Mars One announced last Monday that they will being accepting applications from people 18 years or older to apply for a one-way ticket to Mars. They would depart in the year 2022 and arrive seven months later in 2023.

The organizations goal is to establish a settlement of human life on the red planet. Therefore, anyone who applies for their trip to Mars would not have the chance to return home; they would live out the rest of their life there, indefinitely.

"From now on, we won't just be visiting planets, we'll be staying. You will be staying," the video says.

The Mars One Project initially announced this mission in May 2012. One year later, the search for the volunteers has begun.

A press release sent out by the non-profit company on April 22 described the initial process as part of a four-round process that potential space explorers will go through to be the first humans to walk on Mars. Anyone interested in being a part of this scientific milestone will first need apply online at apply.mars-one.com before August 31.

“We are very excited about launching the selection program. Round One is where we open the doors to Mars for everyone on Earth. This is an international mission and it is very important for the project that anyone anywhere can ask themselves: Do I want this? Am I ready for this? If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you,” said Bas Lansdorp in the press release, co-founder of Mars One.

Also according to the company's press release, they have already received more than 10,000 messages from people from more than 100 countries who are interested in participating.

"Mars One is looking for applicants who are both mature and interesting. Beyond Round Four, in the seven-year period preceding their flight to Mars, all the potential settlers will be given the skills they will need on Mars and on their journey there. No particular academic or professional background is considered a prerequisite for selection," as stated in the press release.

According to CNN, the application fee is $38 and the money will help fund the mission.

For all the information behind this scientific exploration effort, including application requirements, risks and challenges, and videos from people who have already applied, click here.

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