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Watershed Management Group to Hold Educational Rebate Session

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The Watershed Management Group holds several educational sessions throughout the year to help citizens of their community to be smart about their water usage.

"Almost every weekend we’re running a workshop for two that’s free and open to the public to come and sit in," said Catlow Shipek, co-founder and senior program manager with WMG. "It’s basically other homeowners who are hosting that workshop and we provide a workshop instructor that helps with the design any preparations and the implementation of utilizing volunteers."

On May 16, WMG will be holding a Tucson Water Rainwater Rebate Educational Session. For this particular session, the goal is to help citizens of the Tucson community in applying for a rebate if they use a system that captures rainwater to water their plants or conserve drinking water.

"It’s also meant to help people if they do it themselves, or if they hire a contractor, they become a more knowledgeable, informed customer so that way we can ensure that rainwater in our state systems is being implemented equally as practiced," said Shipek.

The three hour workshop will involve a site tour, an introduction to rainwater harvesting, information about the rebates and a design process.

Anyone who wishes to attend is encouraged to bring a map and/or drawings of their site with measurements included, or any other information they can that would be helpful when applying for the rebate.

According to the City of Tucson website, "Tucson Water will rebate qualifying residential rainwater harvesting system costs under two levels of funding: Level 1 - 100% of the costs of labor and materials up to $300; Level 2 - 50% of the costs of labor and materials up to $2,000. Applicants can decide which level to apply for based on the amount of rainwater they aim to capture onsite and the type of practices they want to implement."

"What I think is highly successful are two things," said Shipek. "One that people learn about the systems in a hands on fashion. So they really learn the nuts and bolts and the best practices. The second thing is just kind of building community. They’re doing it with others from the community so they get to know each other and often build better community bonds and relationships."

The workshop will be held at the City of Tucson Ward 3 Council Office, 1510 E. Grant Rd. on May 16 from 2 to 5 p.m. To sign up for the session, click here.

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Call to Artists: 1st Annual Piñata and Palito Auction

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This is the kind of project that makes me want to put out a list of requests — a call to artists for Where Tradition Shakes Modern Art, the first annual Piñata and Palito Auction. Sponsored by the Tapatio Foundation, a new nonprofit dedicated to providing scholarships to youth, ages 5 to 18, for a variety of purposes in the great Tucson area.

The auction is Saturday, June 8, 6:30 p.m. at Fluxx Studio and Gallery, 414 E 9th Street. The deadline for entries to Fluxx is 5 p.m., Monday June 3. What's cool about this project is that it's not just another request for donations that many local artists get every day — this time all artists who enter will receive 25 percent of the winning bid.

Here are the rules for participants:

(1) Only one entry per artist
(2) Piñatas must be fully functional with a hollow interior, to fill with objects and breakable
(3) Piñatas can be no bigger than 6 feet in either direction & must fit a 30-inch wide doorway
(4) Piñatas may not weigh more than 30 lbs.
(5) Piñatas must be ready to hang with a built-in, secured sturdy loop
(6) 50% of the piñata must be constructed out of newspaper (traditional paper maché is optional)
(7) No Pottery, glass, plaster, metal or ceramic can be used on the piñata
(8) The palito or stick must accompany the piñata
(9) The palito cannot exceed 4 feet in length & be fully functional to break the piñata
(10) All entries must be delivered to Fluxx no later than 5pm on Monday June 3, 2013
(11) Piñata & palito may be of any artistic theme of the artist’s choosing

For more info, email Ruben Romero at or check out the event's Facebook page right here. And yeah, maybe start putting that list together of your favorite Tucson artists and ask them to enter a pinata. The possibilities go beyond Dora and super heroes, and maybe something you'd buy and not dare take to a birthday party.

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Early last year, Weekly world central interviewed Tucson poet and performance artist Logan Phillips who was one of of five Arizona artists (three from Tucson) to receive a 2012 Artist Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Logan's project is The Sonoran Strange, a multimedia theater work he's performed in different spaces and worked on diligently the past year. Tonight you can catch a full performance of his poem at the Rhythm Industry Performance Factory, 1013 S Tyndall Ave, from 8:30 to 10 pm.

Trust me, this really is beautiful work. If you can make it, get to the performance space and get ready for some Sonoran Strange.

From the event page:

What if the Catalina Mountains outside Tucson dreamed of one day jumping the border of horizon, to follow their dreams of becoming thunderheads? What if the Apaches had won? What if the saguaros were sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania? What if the snowbirds don’t come home to roost, if the tumbleweeds decide to settle down? What if sand shoots from the sprinklers? What if the water runs out?

$7 suggested donation.

Performed by Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Dirtyverbs.
Image and sound by Adam Cooper-Terán, poetry by Logan Dirtyverbs. Barrel Cactus projection structure designed by Benjamin Hall and fabricated by Benjamin Hall and Carrie Morgan. Sound support by Ray Vaughn Ray.

Made possible in part by generous support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Tucson Pima Arts Council and the Belle Foundation.

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Midtown Evacuation Due to Suspicious Bag?

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Hey Midtowners, are you one of the dearly evacuated today?

Reports going around that a suspicious bag was seen in parking lot at HOPE Inc., 1200 N. Country Club Road. Still waiting for an update from Tucson Police Department public information officer Sgt. Chris Widmer, but the center and a nearby school were evacuated.

Everyone remain calm, especially while dealing with traffic being redirected. More to follow.

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Need a Few More Reasons to Support Chris Summitt's GoFundMe Campaign?

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Last weekend, folks driving through the westside along Speedway Boulevard west of I-10 noticed a protest taking place in front of the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind. One person who definitely noticed, got out of his car and grabbed his camera is Chris Summitt. Summitt then did what he does best and posted a story along with the photos on his popular tumblr page, Protesting Arizona.

Those involved in local movements, from immigration to Mexican-American studies, are familiar with his work. He does a lot of other stuff, which is why we featured him in last week's cover story on crowd-source funding campaigns to talk about his campaign and how he went about choosing GoFundMe.

His campaign kicked off. Check it out here, and his slide show below to get an understanding of the range of his work and why supporting him is a good investment. Summitt's timing at the ASDB was wonderful, but the fact that he took the time is an example of his good character and why we're lucky to have him in Tucson.

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Democrat Fred DuVal: "Arizona Is Facing A Tipping Point"

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Democrat Fred DuVal was pressing the fllesh at Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild State of the City speech last month.

Democrat Fred DuVal made his formal entrance into the 2014 governor’s race yesterday. A native Arizonan who grew up in Tucson, DuVal served in Bruce Babbitt’s gubernatorial administration in the 1980s and in the Clinton White House in the 1990s. In 2002, he made an unsuccessful run for Congress in a Northern Arizona district that included Flagstaff and the Native American reservations. He earned his law degree at ASU, has worked on various economic-development and alternative fuel initiatives, and has served on the Arizona Board of Regents and the Democratic National Committee. (You can find a longer bio here.)

Why are you running for governor?

Arizona is facing a tipping point as to whether we’re going to get into the business of human development and learning and workforce capacity, which is what the new economy will require, or whether will we fall back on a real-estate economy and miss the opportunity to be an accelerating economy in the next century.

What is it that we’re not doing that we should be?

There’s a whole arc of things that starts with venture capital, with the creation of ideas out of the universities, with drawing the right professors here, creating ideas in both the public and private sector, drawing in venture capital to capitalize them, sending a signal to the global marketplace that we’re very serious about certain disciplines and we’re going to be doing the best practices in those areas so that scientists will come and money will come. And most importantly, sending a signal to the smart students graduating from our high schools and colleges that they can stay and make their lives here.

What kind of signals do you think we’re sending now?

That if you are in the real-estate business, we’re boom and bust but there are dollars to be made. Certainly, we have niches where we’re starting to move—biosciences in particular, but we can do so much more. The biosciences are one area. Biofuels such as algae is another. Flexible solar is the next generation of solar energy. There are all these areas on the horizon. The big underlying strategy is the way we interact with Mexico. We have every reason, of course, to take complete ownership of the trading opportunities that Mexico presents and we’re underperforming in that area and frankly, we’re watching our neighboring states steal our lunch.

Is part of that because of the laws we’re seeing coming out of the Arizona Legislature?

Continue reading »

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Saturday Night Live to Launch Extensive Digital Archive, If Only for My Amusement

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Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

This is probably an indicator that I am old and didn't get out much when I was younger, but Saturday Night Live is a big deal to me. Yes, when I had a DVR and watched episodes on Sunday at some point waiting for something funny to happen, I was generally let down (I don't stay home on Saturdays to watch new episodes at least, which is at least a somewhat positive sign) and now I generally skim through the highlights on Hulu (if there are any).

But, on numerous occasions, something will remind me of an older sketch and I'll run to Hulu and/or YouTube to see that clip again. An example, the Russell and Tate law firm sketch above, which is seemingly unavailable in any form other than a likely-illegal video hosted on Tinypic. Not the greatest sketch, but when you want to see something in this hyper-digital age, you want to see it now.

So, I was really excited to see that Yahoo (which still exists for purposes other than for fantasy sports, apparently) and the SNL powers that be are teaming up to put the entire digital archive online. Some sketches will likely still be lost to time due to rights issues, but I feel better knowing that in the near future when I want to figure out whether "Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad" was as hilarious as I once thought, I won't have to rely on a choppy Dailymotion clip.

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Hi-Tech Bed on Display at the Pima County Fair

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After the Ferris wheel rides, eating cotton candy and playing games at the fair, you might want to plop down on a bed for a rest. This year, you are in luck.

Reverie ( introduced its "Made for Mobile" 7S bed and you can "rest-test" it at the fair. The hi-tech bed has an adjustable base with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And it's actually made in the U.S. at an update New York facility.


Here's more info from a press release. George Jetson would be proud.

Since recent studies show more American’s are working from bed, Reverie saw a good opportunity in the bedding space to introduce a revolutionary adjustable bed base that has capabilities any office would, but a lot more comfortable! The 7S adjustable base is the first bed to offer a remote control app for tablets and smartphones, available through Apple iTunes and Google Play. Easily use the app to put your head-up, feet down, opt for a massage or go into the ‘zero-gravity’ position! With wireless connectivity, the app will even let you control other appliances in the room — you can channel-surf on the TV, turn up the stereo or turn lamps on and off.

The fair runs through Sunday, April 28, at 11300 S. Houghton Road. For more info, visit

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