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New Gun Control Ad Equates Banned Books With Assault Weapons

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Sometimes, political ads make far, far less sense than they intend to. Take, for instance, this image, which is part of a campaign launching this week:

So, at first glance, can you tell exactly what they're getting at here? To be honest, my first impression was that the argument was that banning guns is on par with banning books — it took an explanation of the inclusion of Little Red Riding Hood (banned by two California school districts because Little Red Riding Hood was carrying wine in the basket she was taking to her grandmother), and a clarified version of the ad with new text at the bottom of the frame, to understand the point being made by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: that our society is so backwards that banning books to protect children makes more sense than banning weapons.

Because no one here has been bothered by potential book bans.

Yeah, the ads are reaching a bit, but that's not stopping them from going all in, as this ad is part of a much larger campaign:

Today, Moms Demand Action also launched a new PSA campaign, “Choose One,” a series of print ads featuring assault weapons alongside other objects that have been banned in America to protect child welfare, including Kinder Surprise eggs, the book “Little Red Riding Hood,” and the schoolyard game dodge ball. The ads, in conjunction with a video PSA, are being released through donated media on digital, broadcast and print channels.

Best of luck to them, but this campaign already seems a bit misplaced — I can hear the complaints about emotional pandering already.

Check out the video PSA below the jump, but be warned: it features some fairly emotional, possibly disturbing audio.

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