Friday, April 12, 2013

Take Caution When Using Geraniums in Your Desert Pots

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Geraniums in All Their Glory
  • Geraniums in All Their Glory

Desert Dwellers - There is an abundance of geraniums in the nurseries now. Geraniums are absolutely beautiful many months of our year in the desert. They can take our full winter sun and morning sun in the spring and fall. However, in the summer, geraniums should only receive more than a couple hours of very early morning sun. It is best if they have an eastern exposure moving into shade by 9am.

We also expect our geraniums to ‘brown out’ by late July and August. When this happens, cut them back to their lowest point and either shade them or plant some flowers around them to provide a natural shade. You will be rewarded by having fresh wonderful plants in the early fall. Be sure to let them dry somewhat between waterings as they don’t like their feet constantly wet!!

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