Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Please, G-d, Can't You Pay Cathi Herrod a Visit and Tell Her She's Fucked Up

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Seriously, it's a legitimate prayer. Dear Lord and every other deity known to humankind, can't you just do the right thing and provide the Center for Arizona Policy some type of hole to crawl in? Perhaps one of those sink holes made from our destructive water practices? That would be perfect.

But maybe it would be better if you just paid her a visit, you know, one of those visions that folks over the years have said they've been given by you. I've never had one, but CAP's director is a self-proclaimed religious Christian, so I assume she believes these are possible - so make it happen.

Herrod's group issued a letter, written by Josh Kredit, their Legislative Counsel, to the Bisbee City Council, which I'm sure was waiting to hear her take on things. A summary: It would be unconstitutional for Bisbee to issue certificates, it'll get really expensive because someone will take Bisbee to court (likely CAP), and Bisbee will be surely engulfed in holy flames resulting from God's wrath at their collective iniquity. The last part was more implied than actually stated.

The vision: Stay out of Bisbee's business and focus on your own wack-a-doodle world, Cathi. You must have some long-neglected personal problems that need your attention. Get working on that, instead of continuing to make Arizona look like the place where all crazies come to live and die.

That would just be perfect.

Oh, and while I'm at it, please do what you can to help the Bisbee City Council do what's right in their vote tonight, and yes, as you and I know, it's legally recognizing civil unions, not being scared of crazy-land threats and having the guts to take them on if they come after them.

From the Associated Press:

BISBEE — A conservative Christian advocacy group says a former mining community-turned-artists’ haven in rural southern Arizona can’t legally recognize civil unions that would include same-sex couples.

A letter from the Phoenix-based Center for Arizona Policy says an ordinance scheduled for a Tuesday night vote by the Bisbee City Council would violate the Arizona Constitution’s ban on same-sex marriage, and would be the subject of a costly legal fight.

If approved, the ordinance would make Bisbee the Arizona city to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples, giving them the same rights in the city as married couples. The ordinance is reportedly more comprehensive than a Tucson measure enacted in 2003 that recognizes domestic partnerships.

Bisbee City Attorney John MacKinnon has said the ordinance’s approval would mean people in civil unions would be considered spouses in such matters as property ownership and guardianship in cases of illness.

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