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A Non-Comprehensive List of the Crap People Are Doing for April Fool's Day 2013

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Hey folks, it's April Fool's Day again — you know, the one day out of the year that people believe that they have free rein to be obnoxious and slightly dickish under the guise of it being "fun!" and "wacky!"


We at Tucson Weekly find April Fool's Day to be unnecessary — after all, some of us practice being obnoxious and slightly dickish every day of the year, which takes commitment, dammit. Thus, we're taking this opportunity to spoil make you aware of the pranks that people have tried to pull on this otherwise-unremarkable day of the year so that you aren't fooled by them.

The Good

  • For one, make sure to check out roughly everything Google has been doing today: Google Nose (Beta, of course), Gmail Blue, ">Google Treasure Maps and the announcements of the Winners of YouTube, which is pretty spectacular, to be perfectly honest.
  • The folks behind the highly-regarded Android phone app SwiftKey came up with the, um, "interesting" concept for SwiftKey Tilt (and hidden an easter egg for it in the app's latest update), which attempts to guess what you're typing based on which direction your phone is tilting at any given time. The video is well worth the watch.
  • Of course, we have to give love to Eegee's, and their "flavor of the month," Spicy Sriracha — which I will totally actually try.
  • Think Geek's Death Star Trench Toss game, which is one of the many products that Think Geek rolls out every year and eventually turns into something they actually sell. Beats the hell out of the other fakes they've got this year.

Everything Else

  • The New York Times Haiku Tumblr.
  • This video from the White House's YouTube channel, featuring the otherwise-entertaining Kid President, which is a bait-and-switch message from "the President." Yeah. Great idea.
  • Any posts, without warning, of the compound tibia fracture suffered by Louisville guard Kevin Ware last night (don't worry, that's just a link to an ESPN blog post explaining that Ware's injury inspired Louisville to win the game last night; no bones poking out of flesh here).
  • Everyone you know who has made a false announcement on Facebook: "I'm engaged!" "I'm pregnant!" "I have cancer!" Seriously, don't try this; it makes you look like an asshole. (Though if you actually have serious news of this variety, you may want to consider waiting a day to tell everyone. Don't worry, it won't ruin your life. Probably.)

We'll be updating this throughout the day as more stupid/spectacular/more-often-terrible-than-not pranks come rolling through.

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