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Internet-Famous UA Pep Band Member Jordan Ingram Speaks Out

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In case you missed the University of Arizona Wildcats 74-51 demolition of the Harvard Crimson on Saturday, here's the one highlight you absolutely need to see:

A victory dance for the ages.

That young man is 21-year-old Jordan Ingram, an accounting junior and trombone player with the UA's Pride of Arizona Marching Band and Pep Band. We were able to fit into his busy schedule (the pep band is due to leave for Los Angeles tomorrow in preparation to cheer on UA basketball against Ohio State University on Thursday, March 28) and chat with him via text message. Below is the transcript, edited for spelling and clarity:

Tucson Weekly: So what's it been like getting all of this attention over the past few days?

Jordan Ingram: It's been crazy. I had 100 notifications on Facebook when I got back [from Utah, where UA played in the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament].

TW: All from people saying they saw you on TV, or from the internet?

JI: It was a mixture of both. All my friends in pep band showed me internet postings, such as the Washington Post, after the game.

TW: How long have you been with the pep band? You also march with the Pride, right? If I remember right, you have to be involved with both.

JI: I have been in pep band for two years. I missed the cut my freshman year. And yes, I'm in the Pride and have been for three years, and yes, you must do both in order to be in pep band.

TW: OK, cool. So, what kicked off the dancing? Is it something you always do after wins?

JI: It's something I always do, period! If the music is playing, you can always count on me shaking it!

TW: That might be my favorite quote ever. So, what do you plan to do if/when UA beats OSU this Thursday? The pressure's on now, what with all of the attention you've gotten.

JI: I know, man. I've gotta come up with some new moves.

TW: No need to fix what isn't broken, Jordan. I wont' take up too much more of your time, since you've gotta prep for the trip out tomorrow. Any final thoughts?

JI: Bear Down, Arizona, and beat the Buckeyes!

TW: Right on. Thanks for your time, Jordan. Have a great trip, and enjoy the Sweet Sixteen.

JI: No problem, and thank you for your time!

We'll be following along with Jordan as the tournament rolls on, and we'll be watching out for him on Thursday, when the Wildcats take on Ohio State on Thursday. The opening tip is at 4:47 p.m. — and if you think that TVs and computer monitors around the Old Pueblo won't be tuned to that, you're insane.

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