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It Seems That You Can Now Pay 'Famous' People To Tweet Things For You

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This man will say horrible things to your friends for money.
  • This man will say horrible things to your friends for money.
The other day, I was scanning through the Internets when I happened upon the Twitter account @YaBoyBillNye, a parody-type Twitter account that features a character saying generally terrible things (and one of many that appear to be owned and operated by David Orr, founder of Blacked Out Media, UA business student and serial entrepreneur). I'll give you a second to read it. That sinking feeling you'll get will be your faith in humanity as it flutters down, down, down to depths that some might consider irredeemable.

Back? Okay. The reason this is even vaguely interesting is the link in the profile, which offers people the opportunity to purchase Tweets and have them broadcast to the followers of a particular account — in the case of YaBoyBillNye, that's about 450,000 new eyeballs who will see your purchased tweet.

YaBoyBillNye and other users of Pay4Tweet aren't the only folks in this "purchasing tweets" game — for one, you could look at the Twitter account of "the Greatest Iranian of All Time," professional wrestling legend, The Iron Sheik — and yes, this is among the least-offensive things I could find on his Twitter account, which is almost some kind of magical performance art:

For the low, low price of $30, you can ask The Legend to humble a friend, old country way, via Twitter:

Sheik has expressed that he would like to share his humbling to his fans. He is asking for a $30 fee in which he will verbally abuse the patron of your choice. You will leave it to him based on gender and time of day to put out the perfect message.

Apparently, paying others to tweet for you appears to actually be something that is catching on, putting an interesting spin on the concepts of both Sponsored Tweets and regular ol' advertisement Tweets, which have existed as long as Twitter has been a thing.

I have nothing against advertising, and I'll admit that I love the idea of having a celebrity/terrifying figure such as the Iron Sheik tweeting terrible things at my friends. But in the case of accounts such as YaBoyBillNye, there seems to be a kind of recursion effect: parodies promoting parodies in order to get promoted again by said parodies to make money off of the parodies.

The most recent thing posted on YaBoyBillNye's timeline was from a Kate Upton parody account that sends people to a collection of her photos — and presumably, rakes in the advertising dollars one would get from having the keyword "kate upton nude" on their site. There's nothing obvious about whether or not YaBoyBillNye is making money off of those tweets, but one would be a fool to think that someone who makes their money on the internet isn't attempting to gain something from these postings.

Honestly, the one thing I'm taking from this entire experience, other than the dawning, terrible realization that the Internet appears to be populated by stupid people, more and more each day — and that someone (such as David Orr) will always find ways to make money off of these idiots.

God bless 'em.

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