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On Feb. 26, Arce Entered Diversion, Two of Three DV Charges Dropped

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The Range has confirmed through Tucson City Prosecutor M.J. Recini that on Feb. 26, 2013, two of the three original domestic violence charges against Sean Arce were dropped and that the former Mexican-American studies program director agreed to plea into a diversion program for the third domestic violence charge: Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct.

When the Tucson Weekly first reported on the incident late last year, Arce was facing charges for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife and for vandalism and trespassing from an incident that took place on Sunday, Dec. 9.

From that report:

According to the Tucson Police Department report from the incident, one witness had told a TPD officer he heard banging at his neighbor's house, went to investigate and saw two broken windows and a man he didn't know bleeding from his right hand and standing inside the house. ...

More information about what occurred that night came from a police interview with Arce's ex-wife, who told police she was at La Cocina the night of Saturday, Dec. 8, when Arce showed up, grabbed her arm and pulled her away from a table where she sat with friends. After several patrons separated the couple, she left the bar and restaurant with friends and drove home.

Arce's plea proceedings also forbid contact with his ex-wife as well as returning to her home. The diversion program is with the Center for Life Skills and includes 26 sessions. If Arce fails to complete the classes or is arrested or charged with any other criminal offense, he could face further action.

The Weekly asked Arce's attorney Richard Martinez for comment on his client's case. This was his email response:

The City case is essentially over and reflects both the agreement of all involved and their independent assessment of the actual facts, not a police report which was fraught with errors. The resolution reflects a mere disturbing the peace, loud noise. This case will at a future date likely be set aside.

Those comments about Sean Arce that seek to vilify him fail to take account of the actual facts. Moreover, they ignore the many factors that were in play.

It is always easy to condemn an individual, especially when one chooses to embrace unfounded rumors, hearsay and exaggeration.

Those who live in glass houses should pause to look in the mirror before they hurl the stones of condemnation.

I have yet to meet the perfect human or know of any individual who does not live in a glass house.

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