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Looking For Green Beer On St. Patrick's Day?

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Bars all over Tucson celebrate St. Patrick's day with Irish music, corned beef and cabbage, Irish Car Bomb specials and of course, green beer.

If you're wondering where to find green beer this Sunday here's a list of places. I was also able to find out what kind of beer would be dyed green at some of these bars, though I would guess they're all pretty much doing the same thing: adding green food coloring to their domestic drafts (except for craft breweries of course).

1. Wooden Nickel Tavern, 1908 S. Country Club, $2 pints and $7 pitchers (Sunday)
2. Diablo's Sports Bar & Grill, 2545 S. Craycroft, $2 pints (Sunday noon to 9 p.m.)
3. The Maverick, 6622 E. Tanque Verde, $3.50 (Saturday)
4. R-Place Bar & Grill, 3412 N. Dodge, $2 pints of Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite (Sunday)
5. Risky Business, 8848 E. Tanque Verde, 6866 E. Sunrise Dr. and 250 S. Craycroft, $3 pints and $4.50 mugs of Miller Lite and Coors Lite (Sunday)
6. Thunder Canyon Brewery, 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd. and 220 E. Broadway, $2.50 pints of their Sandstone Cream Ale (Saturday and Sunday)
7. Golden Nugget, 2617 N 1st Ave., Budweiser and Bud Light (Sunday)
8. Maloney's and The Wreck, 213 N. Fourth Ave. (Sunday)
9. O'Malleys, 247 N. Fourth Ave.
10. Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, 4500 N. Oracle, $3 pint of Coors Light and Miller Light (in mason jars)

If for some reason you can't get to a bar, or you just don't want to drink light beer (and who would?) you can always make your own green beer.

The following recipe is from

Prep Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 1 minute


One 12oz. Beer - any beer will do although lighter colored beers will display the green better
Green food coloring - one drop

Add one drop of green food coloring to a clear glass. Pour the beer into the glass.

That's it! This works for any beer. Darker beers like stout will have a nice green head atop their normally dark bodies.

Serves 1.

Of course, the lighter the beer the more green it'll be, but blonde ales, Stella Artois and more tasteful lagers than your average domestic drafts are pretty light.

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