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The Dude's Still Abiding After All These Years

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Pour yourself a White Russian and call a toast to the Dude: the Coen Brothers’ classic The Big Lebowski is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week.

Despite being considered a box office flop for only grossing $5 million in its opening weekend (still, not bad for a film with a budget of $17 million - Hollywood is a fickle that way), The Big Lebowski and its pot-smoking, drink-swilling, perpetually-confused hero live on as cult favorites venerated by film fans across the globe.

The secret to how The Dude has abided for this long is a mystery even to Jeff Bridges, who has gone on to win an Academy Award for Crazy Heart and another nomination for his role in True Grit since starring in The Big Lebowski.

"Who knows? Mystery of the unknown," Bridges told CNN in a recent interview. "Maybe it has to do with turning someone on to something you dig; it is like turning your younger brother on to Led Zeppelin, when he's ready to get it."

The film has inspired everything from permanent Dude-themed merch shops to annual festivals: Los Angeles will host the annual multi-city Lebowski Fest over the March 22 weekend (with appearances from minor actors in the film and a performance from Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass), and New York City will host their own version (when else?) over the 4/20 weekend.

Albeit a little bit belated, Tucson is honoring 15 years of The Big Lebowski with its own event: The Fox Tucson Theatre will screen the film on Saturday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m., for a $7 general and $5 student admission price. For more information or to order tickets online, visit the Fox Theatre website here (because if you can't watch the film as the Dude intended, surely the Fox is the next best thing).

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