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Cyclovia Tucson Launches Kickstarter to Prepare for Two Street-Closing, Bike-Friendly Events This Year

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Last year's attempt at closing down the streets of Tucson, Cyclovia Tucson, was marred by March showers (something I feel partially responsible for, after jokingly suggesting the possibility of rain with Coley Ward, organizer of the then-concurrent event, Solar Rock during an interview). To counter that, and to double-down on bicycling fun, Living Streets Alliance is planning on holding two Cyclovia events this year, this time in April.

From the Cyclovia Tucson Kickstarter page:


Because in Tucson almost 30% of our community footprint consists of roads and parking lots. With so much space set aside for the automobile every day, we don't think it's too much to ask to take back some of that space a couple times a year and populate it with people who can exercise and breathe clean air.


Cyclovia Tucson also shows that healthy, active transportation choices like biking and walking are fun ways to weave more activity into our daily lives. Cyclovia routes are designed with popular destinations in mind like schools, parks, businesses, and restaurants.

But the real fun is in slowing down and discovering all the hidden treasures in our neighborhoods that we zoom right past in our cars every day. Cyclovia Tucson organizers are working with local designers and artists to create passports and hand-carved rubber stamps that are hidden in plain site along the routes. Inspired by the popular pastime known as Letterboxing, this special Cyclovia Scavenger Hunt encourages all of us to slow down and be very observant of our surroundings.

I'm not much of a bicyclist myself, possessing grace similar to that of a drunken toddler when I'm on my bike, but Cyclovia is a great event — and the swag they're giving away to backers looks pretty great. Give them a look over at their Kickstarter page, and for more info, check out the Cyclovia Tucson Facebook.

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