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The Justice League of America: A New Set of Heroes Are Born

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This is an example of how the Arizona cover will look for the new series, Justice League of America #1
  • This is an example of how the Arizona cover will look for the new series, Justice League of America #1

The Justice League, as many of you may know, is the valiant team that is made up of the world’s most dominant super-heroes. The original team included Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch have been working to produce a new comic series, Justice League of America, which features unpredictable characters.

“They’re underdogs who have everything to prove and something to lose,” said Johns in a press release.

For those of us who love to root for those underdogs, this new series will cast the spotlight onto unlikely heroes such as Green Arrow, Katana, Martian Manhunter, Simon Baz, Stargirl, Vibe, Hawkman and Catwoman.

“The Justice League has been positioned as like the A-list, the big iconic superheroes, and the Justice League of America is a very different team. As evident by the initial lineup, it's not a team of A-listers,” Johns told MTV Geek.

In this new series, the United States military decides to form a league of its own under Colonel Steve Trevor. The Justice League of America must spring into action to take on the challenges that come their way, leading up to the Trinity War in part one, “World’s Most Dangerous.”

Justice League of America #1 will hit the shelves on Feb. 20, with 52 variant covers. The different covers will show the Justice League holding each states flag of the United States, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The books will consist of 40 pages for $3.99.

For more information about the comic book series and the variant covers, click here to view the original post about it on DC Comics.

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