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Announcing 150 Shades of Shame, the Tucson Weekly Erotic Fiction Contest

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In honor of Valentine's Day, we were recently handed $125 in gift cards from our friends at Fascinations, and encouraged to give them away to our talented and passionate readers in whatever way we saw fit.

After we dismissed the original ideas (including a KY wrestling tournament), we happened upon a fantastic thought: "What if we ran an erotic fiction contest?" And beyond that: "What if that contest involved the Weekly?"

Thus, 150 Shades of Shame was born.

So dear readers, we direct you to the Contest link here and above, or to the space below the jump, for the rules.

What we’re looking for are the kinds of things that one would read in romance novels — but without the spectacular character development and sharp, nuanced prose.

We’re looking for the good stuff — the tender love-making, the dirty role-playing, the hilarious anatomic mishaps — that you’d find buried between pages of longing sighs in most novels. The more heaving the bosom, the more turgid the wang, the better.

Be creative. Be clever. Be funny. Don’t hold back.

All we ask are that you adhere to these caveats:

1. Your short story must, in some way, mention the Tucson Weekly (which is where the shame comes in). Whether that mention is through an issue swept off of a counter top before a passionate kiss, a chance meeting in the vicinity of Weekly World Central, or (God forbid) an encounter between two staffers, it’s all fair game.

2. Keep the story at or around 150 words. This is, after all, 150 Shades of Shame, not 275 Shades, Plus Some Footnotes About Lube.

The prizes:

Our First Place winner will receive $75 in Fascinations gift cards, for use in any way he or she may see fit. We only ask that you spread the love—in a legal way, of course.

Two Second Place winners will receive one $25 Fascinations gift card each—enough to provide a starting point for a lovely evening.

Stories will be judged by the fair, impartial (and given the likely tone of the entries, possibly inebriated) staff. The entry period runs now through Feb. 9. Send your entries along to

We also reserve the right to publish entries in the print edition of Tucson Weekly, and/or on

Good luck, and let’s get it on!

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