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Tonight: TUSD's Grijalva Brings Deseg Objection Back Up for Vote

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Well, Tucson Unified School District governing board member Adelita Grijalva is doing exactly as she promised the last time she talked with the Range about the Dec. 11 school board meeting that sent a wave of confusion that left some of the public wondering exactly what happened.

On the agenda at that meeting was “Fisher-Mendoza v. Tucson Unified School District — Approval of or Objection to the Proposed Unitary Status Plan/Consent Decree.” In response to the release of the final draft desegregation plan by U.S. District Court-appointed special master Willis Hawley on Dec. 10, the district's governing board voted on the plan, as well as objections filed against specific areas of the plan.

Before voting on the plan, Grijalva pointedly told legal she couldn't vote for the plan if the resolution presented to the board included the district's objection to cultural relevant curriculum, i.e. Mexican-American and African-American studies. It was agreed to separate the objections from the vote on the deseg plan. The board voted it liked the plan, and then Stegeman brought forward a second resolution on the objections. That resolution failed — with Grijalva, and former board members Alexandre Sugiyama and Miguel Cuevas voting against the objections, and Michael Hicks and Stegeman voting for the objections.

Folks thought the votes and the direction Grijalva asked from legal meant that the district's outside council would begin the legal process of removing its objection filed with U.S. District Court Judge David Bury. Those who support MAS were happy and excited. Adding to the confusion was Stegeman insisting that he be able to bring it up for a revote so that his resolution could unanimously be defeated, rather than just 3-2. If you want more play by play, go to "Sunday Morning Primer: WTF Happened at the Tuesday TUSD Board Meeting?"

After the meeting, Grijalva confirmed she also thought she was providing legal direction to remove the objection against cultural relevant curriculum, and said she'd be able to make it right at the next scheduled meeting — which is tonight's special meeting. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. and includes an executive session. Girjalva's resolution on the objection is on the agenda at 7 p.m. But be warned. These meetings tend to go too late and agendas get changed once the meetings begin:

Fisher-Mendoza v. Tucson Unified School District — Consideration of the Joint Unitary Status Plan Noting Areas of Party Disagreement Filed on December 10, 2012, and District Objections thereto as Noted in November 9, December 10, and December 14, 2012, Court Filings — Requested by Board Member Adelita Grijalva

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