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Center for Biological Diversity is Distributing Condoms, Attempting to Curb Human Biological Diversity

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For when youve gotta play it cool—cool as ice.
  • Courtesy: Center for Biological Diversity
  • For when you've gotta play it cool—cool as ice.

Well, they're not REALLY attempting to curb human biological diversity (we think)—they're just attempting to draw awareness to "the effects of rapid human population growth on rare plants and animals," according to a press release.

From the release:

“There are more than 3 billion people on the planet under the age of 25. The choices this generation makes will determine whether our planet and its wildlife and natural resource base are burdened with 8 billion or 15 billion people. The difference between these paths can be measured by how many other species are left to roam alongside us,” said Jerry Karnas, population campaign director with the Center. “Our Endangered Species Condoms are a great way to get a conversation started about how the growing human population is affecting the wild world around us, especially animals already teetering on the edge of extinction.”

Since launching the campaign in 2009, CBD claims to have given out 450,000 condoms, all of which feature animal designs. While I can't account for the effectiveness of their condoms, I can definitely vouch for the fact that the packaging (hah) is eye-catching: the Endangered Species Condoms come in boxes covered in designs featuring a number of endangered animals and snappy slogans.

For example: "In the sack? Save the leatherback," "safe intercourse saves the dwarf seahorse," "don't go bare, panthers are rare," and the classic "when you're feeling tender...think about the hellbender," which conjures rather uncomfortable images if you're not familiar with the hellbender salamander.

In all seriousness, they have a point: the earth's population of humans has doubled (!) since 1970, which will soon put an even greater strain on our already-aching natural resources. So the message here seems to be "for your children's sake, try to not have children," which is certainly a message that I can behind (hah).

Check out for a look at the packages (hah) and head to to read more about their campaign, including a report on the top 10 U.S. species threatened by population growth.

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