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One in Six Adults Are Concerned About Possible Apocalypse, Survey Finds

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More than one in six people are concerned that the world will end this week, on Dec. 21, according to a survey of concerns and regrets going into the coming apocalypse—or, failing that, 2013—by data backup service Backblaze.

This astounds me. Not that a data backup service would do a survey of things that stress people out (losing files on their computers, of course, was a leader in the concerns of those surveyed, concerning 74 percent of those surveyed), but that so many people are worried about the world ending next Friday.

I mean, using those statistics, there are at least two people that I've walked past in our building that may either stockpiling goods or have already begun plans to drink until the the moon crashes into the planet, or whatever.

From the press release accompanying these statistics:

“While this survey was commissioned as a bit tongue-in-cheek, at Backblaze we hear from people every day who feel as though their world is collapsing when they have lost precious files, photos and documents. We founded Backblaze because we recognized the importance of helping people have a ‘backup plan’ to ensure that every piece of data, no matter the size, is continuously, safely and securely backed up.

We had a surge of customers recently that we were able to help rebuild their digital life following loss and damage to their computers from Hurricane Sandy. This study demonstrates just how devastating losing files on one’s computer can be,” said Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze.

When asked if the apocalypse were truly coming on this date, what regrets would people have, if any, 70% reported that they would have some regret. Not traveling more was cited most often by U.S. adults with nearly one-third (32%) reporting to have this regret, which was followed closely by those who regretted not spending more time with their families (30%). Nearly one in four people (23%) reported that they would regret not following their dreams and spending too much time worrying about money (22%). And one in four men (25%) would regret not having had more sex if the Mayan prediction proves true. Interestingly, only 10% of women surveyed would have the same regret.

So the takeaways here: Gleb (which is derived from an Old Norse name meaning "heir of god") is a badass name; a significant amount of the population appears to have missed stories such as this one from National Geographic; and there are going to be an awful lot of dudes taking out Craigslist ads for sex parties in the coming weeks.

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