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Get Out of Town: A Few More Reader Submissions

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Later today, we'll reveal the final Get Out of Town! roster—including a healthy, if at times unhinged, dose of reader submissions.

We were only able to run a fraction of the reader submissions in the package, so to whet your figurative whistle, here are a few more submissions.

People Who Text While Driving
I want everyone who texts, talks, plays games, looks for directions or does anything to do with a cell phone or electronic device while driving to Get Out of Town! You know who you are, and you probably would have killed or maimed me by now if I weren't so diligent in my determination to not let any such thing happen to me. I don't have a car, so I walk and ride my bike, and I would like to prevent myself or anyone else in the vulnerable position of having to travel on Tucson streets with little protection from getting hurt! So Get Out of Town, mindless and inconsiderate electronic-device-while-driving-users!
—Vicky Murphy

The Arizona Daily Star
This is another example of how low the Daily Star has sunk. I was getting it on the weekends only and was informed that we "weekenders" had to pay for and receive the Wednesday newspaper as well. It's not that the Star had any special journalistic issues in the Wednesday edition; we had to buy it because there were more ads in that edition. They are like the beer companies who try to improve sales by creating gimmicks for their containers, instead of improving their product. One can even compare the Daily Star to John McCain: They have both deteriorated so much over the years that they have become sad shells of what they once were.

—Dave Rollins

Non-Arizonan Wannabe Politicians
There have been too many politicians or wannabes lately who are not even Arizonans. The two prime examples are Frank Antenori and Martha McSally. Antenori moved here and ran for office immediately. How could he possibly know what the citizens in our community wanted or needed? As the results of the recent election show, we don't want his bloviating obstructionism, radical-right pandering and blowhard bullying.

Similarly, McSally came straight from many years spent in Germany and ran for office on arrival. She didn't have a clue about Arizona reality. Obviously, these people and their ilk are recruited by outside interest groups to infiltrate our state and to thwart our local concerns and priorities.

Voters should mandate a minimum residency for candidates. Out-of-town politicians: Get Out of Town!

—Sandra Almasy

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