Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carnival Cruises Fixes Their Earlier Drag Queen Related Error

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Earlier today as part of a terrible PR move, Carnival Cruise Lines sent out a letter cracking down on customers who might choose to sail the seas fabulously in drag, claiming that they're aimed to preserve "a family friendly atmosphere". Sending out a letter threatening to kick anyone off a cruise for dressing in drag seemed strange enough in 2012, but when the cruise features entertainment from the show RuPaul’s Drag Race (including such stars as Pandora Boxx and Alaska Thunderfuck) then clearly, all logic had gone out the window:

In a letter sent to guests on the upcoming trip, the cruise line wrote; “Arrangements have been made for drag performances in the main theater featuring stars from LOGO TV. These functions will be private and only the performers are permitted to dress in drag while in the theater. Guests are not allowed to dress in drag for the performances or in public areas at any time during the cruise.”

To be very, very clear, LOGO TV had absolutely nothing to do with this decision or this letter or was even aware of its existence until alerted by someone attending the cruise.

Do they know who goes on these cruises? Because let us tell you, nothing makes some queens happier than seeing a performer they love while in drag. So that’s a bit rude and ridiculous and kind of a major problem.

Oh wait, it gets worse (before it got better).

“We’re sorry to say that any guest who violates our policies and/or whose behavior affects the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, will be disembarked at their own expense and no refund will be given.”

One would have thought that Carnival, which has had a connection to drag queens dating back to the 1980s when they used Kathie Lee Gifford as a spokesperson, would be a bit savvier these days—and it turns out that, shockingly, they are.

Just as quickly as the controversy arose, the company moved to squash it, claiming they originally believed any wearing of drag would be confined to the performers and the performance area, but they're going to deal, as long as guests are able "to present government-issued ID, and to be recognizably that person."

Order has returned to the universe, everyone. Go back to whatever you were doing.

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