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Today in Dissecting Political Cartoons: Jon Justice Thinks Dave Fitzsimmons Needs 'Mental Health'

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Local conservative talk-show host and Best of Tucson winner Jon Justice is, apparently of the opinion that this cartoon by Arizona Daily Star political cartoonist David Fitzsimmons is an indicator that he "needs mental health" (sic).

I'm going to assume that Mr. Justice means "mental help," but hey, his mind was moving faster than fingers. I get it.

But let's take a look at this with a less hyper-sensitive eye here, folks (I can't believe I actually have to do this for some people) and we'll break it down after the jump.

  • David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star

We've got Big Bird, Pilgrim Mitt Romney's Severed Head, and Pilgrim Mitt Romney's Headless Body, which is a series of words I never expected to type.

PMR'sHB is stomping away angrily. I mean, just look at the cloud of smoke and the grumpy lines! Poor fella.

Meanwhile, PMR'sSH appears to be straight-up pissed, cursing up a storm about minorities, entitlement programs, the poor and the middle class—all people who were disparaged in his speeches this year, and (for the most part) people who voted against him. And we've got a relieved Big Bird, who Mitt promised to have on the chopping block in the first Presidential debate.

Now, from what one might infer, it appears that Pilgrim Mitt Romney was going to bring the ax down on Big Bird (as he promised!), 'til he messed up somewhere along the way, chopping his own head off through a feat of staggering ineptitude. Now he's grumbling about how he screwed up, blaming everyone but himself. Seems accurate, considering it's pretty much what happened in real life.

Now, it's easy to poke fun at Fitz. I mean, if you've spent time in a room with him, you know that he's a bit...wacky. (I mean, look at those eyes!) But hey, crazy is fun so long as it's not "stab-you-with-a-fork" crazy, right?

But come on, Jon Justice. As someone who compared Obama's administration to Star Wars here, with Obama as some sort of Darth Vader and Mitt Romney apparently as Luke Skywalker (Is Karl Rove Obi-Wan? Even better, considering the way he vanished near the end, I'm assuming Paul Ryan is some kind of Yoda, right?), you don't have much room to be calling Fitz insane.

Besides, we all know that this election was closer to the plot of "Rocky III" (champion is basking in his glory; gets caught off-guard by challenger; trains harder than ever and takes advantage of his opponent's mistakes to secure the win) than the "Star Wars" Saga—it just feels like it took six damn movies to slog through.

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