Monday, November 5, 2012

No Need to Vote Tomorrow: Redskins Say It's Romney

Posted By on Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Mitt Romney has been working his butt off lately to rally support in a number of battleground states, including North Carolina, where he apparently lit enough of a spark under the Carolina Panthers and enigmatic quarterback Cam Newton to pretty much already determine Tuesday's election.

With Carolina beating the Washington Redskins 21-13 on Sunday in D.C., it stands to reason that Romney will be our next President, considering the fact that 17 of the 18 previous elections have been called by the Skins' last home game before the first Tuesday in November.

The correlation: If Washington loses, so does the incumbent party; If the 'Skins win, the ruling party keeps the top seat.

This 'Reskins Rule,' as it's officially been known since some stat geek discovered it in 2000, has held true since 1940 with one exception: in 2004 Washington lost, meaning incumbent GW Bush should have lost to John Kerry. But since that just wasn't going to happen, the powers that be — if there is such a thing with minutiae like this — revised the rule to state that Washington losing meant the party that lost the popular vote the previous election wouldn't win the electoral vote the next time around (Remember, Al Gore edged Bush in actual votes, but Dubya had more of the electoral college).

So, there ya have it: just like how Punxsutawney Phil rarely always correctly determines the remaining length of winter, that woeful NFL franchise in our nation's capital decided not to play well at home against a 1-6 team so as to bring RomneyCare and Mittenomics to the masses.

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