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Pit Bulls Are In Focus Tomorrow In Two Tucson Events

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Saturday, Oct. 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, where groups of pit bull lovers and fans around the country have vowed to come together to celebrate and support the breed.

A group of Tucsonans will be celebrating the day with an invitation-only screening of Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent, an Ohio-based documentary film focusing on the creation of breed-restrictive laws targeting pit bulls and similar dog breeds. That will be taking place at the Loft Cinema, starting at 10 a.m. For an invitation to the screening, which I have been told by organizers was put in place to preserve the film's ability to be screened as a debut at film festivals, send inquiries to

Alternately, Lincoln Park, 4325 S. Pantano Road, is set to host the Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs, which is set to begin at noon and end at 7 p.m. that evening. The walk is dedicated to raising awareness and support for victims of attacks by pit bulls and "other violent breeds."

This is from (Warning: The site features graphic images of people and children who were attacked by dogs):

Please come and join us, and show your support by walking for the VICTIMS of pit bull and other dangerous dog attacks. Most often when these dogs attack, maul or kill children, adults or family pets, the support seems to be misplaced onto the attacking dog/s to be euthanized, rather than where it should be...on the VICTIM. It is time that the voice of the VICTIMS and their families be heard to promote public awareness and help reduce the number of these attacks.

Caps Lock abuse aside, this event is notable if only for the fact that the site for the walk has made it explicitly clear that dogs are absolutely unwelcome at the event. Also from

Please leave your dogs at home while joining us to walk for victims. This is most importantly for the safety of the walkers and for the safety of your dogs.


Tucson Police Officers WILL BE present at the Walk to ensure safety, and Animal Control will be called to escort any unruly visitors off the property and confiscate any unruly Pit Bulls or Other Dangerous Dogs.

We have rented ramadas in the park and reserve the RIGHT to refuse entrance to unruly visitors and DOGS within our "Exclusive Area."

It doesn't appear that there will be much conflict between the two groups, but it's interesting to note (and likely no accident) that both events will be occurring on the same day.

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