Friday, October 26, 2012

If You're Tired Of Political Posts on Facebook, May Be Just What You Need

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The makers of the fun novelty web browser add-on, which hides pictures of your friends' children in your Facebook feed and replaces them with "awesome stuff" have partnered with Buzzfeed to introduce a new, election-season-based add-on: does the same thing as, though instead of removing baby pictures, it pulls posts on Facebook or Twitter related to political topics by scanning keywords and replaces those posts with pictures of adorable and/or awesome things. But more than that, it works on Buzzfeed as well, removing all of their political posts and replacing them with adorable animals.

For an example, check out Tucson Weekly's Twitter timeline, with before and after shots:

Now you see em...
  • Now you see 'em...

...Now you dont. Its like magic, with more cat pictures!
  • ...Now you don't. It's like magic, with more cat pictures!

Of course, this has raised questions as to the future of targeted media consumption—David Holmes of PandoDaily talks about that here—which is a subject that definitely merits future consideration. But, let's be honest: That's a problem for the future-us. Let's live in the moment; one that brings us pictures of adorable and/or awesome things, practically on demand.

For more, check out for the link. Keep in mind though, the add-on is available only for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users. Sorry Internet Explorer fans; you'll just have to get your cat pictures the old fashioned way.

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