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You CAN Eat The Flowers!

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With so much (understandably) emphasis on sustainability, I thought it time to talk about flowers in our gardens that can also come to the dinner table. Those of us who want our colorful gardens and also want to grow some vegetables and herbs, can mix the two knowing that it all can come together in our food.

Picture a beautiful pot of pansies mixing with varieties of lettuce, spinach, Swiss Chard with calendula peeking above the mix. I am sorry I don't have a picture of this combination but if you use your imagination in the pictures below, you can conjure up not only a vision but a recipe for success!

Combining Pansies, Calendula and Swiss Chard in your potted garden this winter.
  • Combining Pansies, Calendula and Swiss Chard in your potted garden this winter.

Calendula's flavors resemble saffron ranging from spicy to peppery. Petals add a yellow tint to soups,spreads, pasta and scrambled eggs.

Pansy petals add a mild sweetness to salads as well as brilliant color.

Pick your flowers in the morning and keep them in water until you are ready to add them to your dish. For both of these flowers, I recommend using just the petals, removing all other parts of the flower.

Swiss chard leaves can be sliced in 1 inch strips and boiled for 3 minutes. One of our most healthy leafy vegetables, Swiss Chard can replace spinach in many pasta and egg dishes.

Check with your favorite local chefs to see what they are doing with flowers in their food. I know about growing the plants but they know about cooking them!!

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