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Grijalva: "Gov. Brewer Is Fighting Yesterday's Battles on Behalf of an Outdated Agenda Few People Agree With"

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Nick Martin at Talking Points Memo suggests that Gov. Jan Brewer's executive order regarding DREAM Act kids might not have much impact:

Brewer, who signed Arizona’s harsh immigration law known as SB 1070 and who has butted heads with Obama on immigration multiple times, said her executive order was a direct response to the president’s program. But whether that response actually changes the way Arizona will deal with the program is another matter.

Schapira pointed out that Arizona already had a number of strict immigration laws in place, including one that barred illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses or state issued identification cards. The law may have already been interpreted to bar any newly immune immigrants from getting those state IDs, Schapira said. That means Brewer’s order effectively carried no weight at all.

Even the governor admitted at a news conference late in the day that nothing really changed because of her order. “It actually is no different than what was already in place,” Brewer said.

Meanwhile, Congressman Raul Grijalva issues a response:

As Gov. Brewer knows very well, this order violates federal standards. It will be ruled unconstitutional after a lengthy legal process that costs our taxpayers even more money. I don’t know what it’s going to take for her to realize that states don’t get to ignore federal law. When seventy-three percent of Arizonans support the DREAM Act, you can’t even accuse her of playing politics. She’s just being herself, hurting our economy and pulling families apart to please a small minority of the population.

I’m holding an informational community workshop at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday at the VFW center in Nogales. Gov. Brewer is fighting yesterday’s battles on behalf of an outdated agenda few people agree with. I’m glad to provide assistance and serve the people of Southern Arizona; I don’t know what Gov. Brewer is glad about.

It’s outright un-American to let these young people hang in legal limbo for years without any kind of guidance, assistance or support. The Republicans in Congress have held the DREAM Act hostage, and President Obama was right to grant relief to eligible residents who were brought here at a young age and deserve a future.

As is too often the case, Gov. Brewer’s actions here are nothing more than political theater. Her executive order does nothing to solve our broken immigration system, get our economy going or provide security.

In writing the majority opinion in the Supreme Court’s recent SB 1070 ruling, Justice Kennedy said the national government has significant power, and responsibility, to regulate immigration. It’s long past time for Gov. Brewer and Congressional Republicans to end their pointless stunts and help the rest of us solve our broken immigration system by passing the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.

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