Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If the "Freakonomics" Guy Links to Us, We're Famous Now, Right?

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Thanks to Tucson Citizen editor Mark Evans for mentioning a blog post on the Freakonomics site, which referenced a Leo Banks piece from 1997 about the curse of stealing from the Petrified Forest:

Bras are a favorite hiding place for Petrified thieves. A woman told of jamming three samples into her brassiere, only to have her husband discover them. It not only killed the mood, but possibly their marriage as well. The woman said her husband, "a true Christian," was profoundly disappointed by his shocking discovery.

In the summer of 1991, five girls smuggled out three pieces of wood, also hidden in a bra. Strange things began happening almost immediately.

"One person had stomach cramps and diarrhea all night," the letter said. "That same night we were the only ones to be attacked by flying ants in the camp ground. The following morning the second person became very ill, vomiting and weak. She was also unable to see the Grand Canyon as planned. The third person has knocked over and spilled everything she touched.

"The other two people, being guilty only of transporting, have yet to suffer bad luck, except having to put up with us. So just in case this legend is true, we decided to end our bad luck and return the rocks."

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