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Susan G. Komen Is My Enemy No. 1

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Susan G. Komen is my enemy No. 1. The reason? It's a two-parter, so bear with me: 1) The politicizing of abortion has nothing to do with breast cancer research and finding a cure. 2) The sexualization of breasts and women in general is exploited by this non-profit organization.

So why hate them so much that they are enemy No. 1? Well, my mother passed away after a one-year, 10-month battle with breast cancer. Here is the link to her obituary, which I wrote. She completely supported the mission of organizations like Planned Parenthood and the idea that each woman should be able to make their own choice when it came to abortions.

As for the sexualization of breasts being exploited by Susan G. Komen, that is something that appalled my mother. She never really liked the organization. She told me cancer did not define her life; and I know from my experiences with her that she was absolutely right. The non-profit that will no longer be named (see Harry Potter's lack of mentioning Voldemort) decided to profit from the sexualization of breasts in particular. This is eerie when discussing a disease that affects so many women. Do creeps get off on giving money to Susan G. Komen of Southern Arizona in hopes of protecting boobs?!

The reason for this post stems from a drive today along Park Road south of 22nd Street. There was a large billboard that read "Nothing beats a pair, don't fold to cancer."

I was disappointed to see this sign. When the public outcry over Susan G. Komen's decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood reached a fever-pitch I honestly rejoiced and said, "Good, they deserve what they got."

Honestly I am a big believer in karma, fate and "reaping what you sow."

Now in the essence of "balanced" journalism I am including a link to an an editorial that was written by Jaimie Leopold. This article was posted to the Arizona Daily Star's website on March 07, 2012.

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