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Hicks Recall Effort Suspended

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According to a post today on the Three Sonorans' blog, the effort to recall Tucson Unified School District governing board member Michael "Rosa Clark" Hicks, has been suspended to focus on the Department of Justice investigations into alleged civil rights abuses by the TUSD administration and governing board.

From the blog post:

When Citizens for Educational Excellence was formed, the main priority was to work towards quality in education at various levels, which includes local school boards, community college boards, and country supervisors of schools; these are all elected positions that are determined by the citizens.

All that is required in the Tucson Unified School District level is to win 2 out of the 3 seats open this year to regain our majority on the board and to end this recent onslaught of anti-Latino and anti-Union votes.

A recall of the 4th board member, Michael Hicks, was also started in March 2012 and explored as another way to bring change to Tucson’s largest school board. Since that time many pivotal changes have occurred to bring about more permanent change in a more efficient manner.

Last week it was made public that both the Department of Justice and the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights would begin a thorough investigation into TUSD’s treatment of Latinos. At multiple public forums this past week the community came out strong and united and in force and the federal government was there taking lots of notes and listening.

It is clear that huge changes are coming to our district in a way that is more important than just political with elections, but deep changes dealing with basic issues of fair treatment, racism, segregation, and the future of education in Tucson, Arizona, and the United States.

The earliest time the recall election would have occurred would have been March of 2013, but with the DOJ and OCR permanent change is available more immediately, and change is imminent, especially with the Tashima ruling on the constitutionality of HB2281 expected any day now.

In order to comply fully with the federal investigations into Tucson Unified School District, including filing further complaints to documents the district’s treatment of Latinos, Citizens for Educational Excellence will be officially ending the Recall of Michael Hicks and encourages all its members, and all parents and students in the district to comply fully with federal investigators.

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