Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage Sexism Is the Best Sexism

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Sure, no sexism is okay. But if we're going to give anything a pass, it may as well be something that we've decided is absolutely ridiculous at this point, right?

But Retronaut's selection of absurdly sexist advertisements is, well, absurdly hilarious. Take this ad for Tipalet cigarettes, for instance:

Oh, the layers of subtext.
  • retronaut.co
  • Oh, the layers of subtext.

Really, it's an amazing look at the evolution of society through the lens of advertising media. If you've got some time (and we both know that you do,) give it a look.

Fair warning: There are a number of references to douches and douching, so try not to laugh too loudly at them if you're at work and have the mentality of a teenage boy.


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