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Sen. Prez Pierce: King of Civility

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After the tyrannical reign of Senate President Russell Pearce ended, many people thought the new Senate President, Sen. Steve Pierce, would be a breath of civility in the Arizona Senate.

Turns out he's about as petty as the last guy the people ousted.

In an email exchange with a Republican voter from Tucson who was concerned about the direction of the state, Pierce, R-Prescott, suggested that instead of bringing up her concerns, the voter should "Get a life."

But that's not all. Following an impromptu debate with Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, at the annual Arizona Small Business Association legislative update lunch recently, Pierce called Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, a "piece of shit" and it appears he's holding one of Farley's bills, which has bipartisan support.

From Inside Tucson Business:

Farley, seizing his opportunity, hopped up on stage with the two Republicans provoking a debate with the senators on subjects including the benefits of prison labor and funding for the University of Arizona.

After about 10 minutes, Pierce excused himself from the stage, saying he had an appointment to keep in Phoenix. On the way out, within earshot of a reporter, Pierce said to his traveling entourage, “That Farley is a piece of s—- for getting up on the stage like that.”

Afterward, Farley mentioned that he was worried for the safety of one of his bills, 2713, which "Would allow for a subtraction of long-term care insurance premiums and amounts deposited into a long-term care savings account from Arizona gross income." Whatever that means.

The bill had passed both the House and Senate Appropriations committees unanimously (not easy for a Democratic bill), and was awaiting a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee, which Pierce chairs.

The bill was scheduled for a vote the Monday following the lunch, but after it was abruptly pulled from the calendar, we caught up with Pierce and asked why.

"There were problems with the bill," he said without elaborating. When asked if the "problems" had anything to do with the lunch debate the week before, Pierce said only, "We're working on it. We'll probably get it worked out."

The bill eventually was heard and approved by the Senate Rules Committee, but has yet to reach the Senate Floor for a vote.

Hmmmm, wonder who is in charge of that?

We got the "get a life" email after the jump.

On Apr 4, 2012, at 5:17 PM, (Voter) wrote:

Are you planning to cut ALL programs that provide support to the less fortunate? I truly
wish you would listen to those of us in Pima county who seem to have a greater concern
for the well being of ALL Arizona's citizens. Balancing a budget on the backs of the poor
and less able will have greater consequences than you appear to have considered.
Funds for Foster Care and other such programs that help assure that these children will
not end up as delinquents and trouble makers in our society down the road. Times are
tough - but, maybe it‘s time to recognize that we need to stop cutting taxes and Work on
the revenue side, so that we don't create worse problems down the road.

I get the feeling no one in Phoenix listens or cares... but maybe you'll be different.

Registered Republican - who votes


Subject: Re: Budget
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2010 20:15:52 - 0700
To: (Voter)

Get a life. We are trying to accommodate everyone, meet the demands of the needy, the education of the next generation and do it on limited bucks. We are working it harder than than (sic) those on the outside that can send an occasional email. It is a huge obligation to the State and future generations, Mr. (Voter), huge. Thanks for the note.



From: (Voter)
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: State Budget

"Get a life" ? Wow - what a way to address a concerned constituent. I know full well
what it takes to do what you are doing. I have more than one relative who has served in
the Arizona State Senate, and my uncle was National RNC Chairman in the 30's. I admire
those willing to serve - but am certainly surprised at the tone of your response.

BTW - (Voter) is a girl's name... I'm Mrs. (Voter), not Mr.

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