Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Patterson, Unable to Pick Fights in House, Moves to Twitter

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If you weren't minding your Twitter feed between midnight and 1 a.m. last night, you missed a good old fashioned Twitter-fight between Rep. Terri Proud, R-Tucson, and Rep. Daniel Patterson, D Lonewolf-Tucson.

We say missed it, because Patterson deleted his tweets.

But we here at the Weekly are watching Patterson like bad re-runs. And we're TiVo-ing it for your information after the cut.

Proud: ‏@TerriProud SouthernAZ Judge decided not to extend restraining order obtained by Pattersons former wife. SouthernAZ most dangerous place 4 women 2 live

Patterson: Court found TProud committed custodial interference / MT @TerriProud: S. AZ Judge decided not to extend restraining order..."

Proud: @RepPatterson You can't bully me Mr. Patterson - nice try
In reply to Daniel R. Patterson

Patterson: MT @TerriProud: You can't bully me... / You attack courts, but you committed custodial interference, then changed law. Truth, not bullying"

Proud: @RepPatterson I think the police officer would have to say you're wrong- but again - nice try. #betterthingstodowithmytime

Patterson: case D20014317, Pima Cty Judge Deb Ward, Jan 2010 / MT @TerriProud: I think the police officer would have to say you're wrong..."

Proud: My story of DV is no stranger to many. I will not back down from this bully who targets women. He picked the wrong gal here. #fightingback

Proud: @RepPatterson U know what I have nothing 2 hide My story's been told 2 many people. Keep trying to bash another woman-I' m not afriad of you

Patterson: (in direct message to Proud) 'Rep. Proud, I don't want to argue with you. Respectfully, Daniel Patterson'

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