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Michael Hicks, Not Really Helping His Cause

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The website Latino Rebels has an emailed response from Michael Hicks regarding his extremely embarrassing appearance on last night's episode of The Daily Show. A note for Mr. Hicks: if you didn't want to have your idiotic, ill-informed comments amplified to a national audience, don't do an interview with The Daily Show.

I would actually argue that they did "inform" rather than "amuse," because just the line where you said you preferred to get your information from hearsay instead of actually visiting the classes says everything anyone needs to know about your leadership on the school board. In fact, I've been somewhat sympathetic to the position that John Huppenthal and Tom Horne put the TUSD School Board in by seemingly forcing their hand economically. This segment basically changed my mind.

I realize we generally get what we pay for with school board members, but it would be nice to have someone who cares enough about his job to actually investigate a situation for himself before running his mouth off with baseless opinions. Clearly, we're not getting that from Michael Hicks.

With all due respect, the Daily Show is a money making satirical show. It is not a news show. They do not present the complete remarks of their guests. They slice and dice footage to serve their need to entertain.

I went on this show to talk about the Mexican American Studies (MAS) classes. I was mislead by the "reporter" and was told that they were interested in a real interview. It was nothing of the sort.

It is unfortunate that the Daily Show opted to amuse rather than inform.

And for the record, you can see where they spliced my comments in several areas during this segment. I can assure you that my statements were taken out of context Many of my answers were altered to suit their agenda.

What I find more troubling is that there are those who will believe that what they saw on the Daily Show is accurate and complete news.

These individuals will then most likely base their judgments on inaccurate information designed specifically to support the view of Daily Show producers.

Real children were being exploited, and the producers of the Daily Show chose to ignore that.

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