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Daniel Patterson, Terrible Co-Worker

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The ethics report into Rep. Daniel Patterson also includes a handy little timeline of Patterson's problems with his coworkers, starting in his freshman year.

Rep. Patterson engaged in harassing and inappropriate actions towards lobbyists, which was reported to Democratic leadership.

Patterson had an aggressive, inappropriate, and unprofessional exchange with Rep. David Gowan.
He impugned former Senator Russell Pearce (see the video here) during a committee meeting, and was subsequently removed from the committee.

Patterson had aggressive, inappropriate and unprofessional exchanges with:
- Lobbyists and other Representatives during and after a committee hearing
- Reps Steve Farley and Lynne Pancrazi during closed Democratic Caucus (screaming denunciations at Pancrazi, and pushing Farley)
- Rep Eddie Farnsworth on the House floor
- Sen. Frank Antenori at the back of House floor
Patterson also made untruthful representations to Rep. Bruce Wheeler to get his support on Patterson's bill, glared at him during a committee meeting, and then followed Wheeler to his office and instigated a heated discussion "wherein Rep. Patterson's face became flushed and contorted and he raised his voice in an effort to intimidate Rep Wheeler."

Patterson had aggressive, inappropriate, and unprofessional exchanges with:
- Rep. Amanda Reeve, in both a committee hearing and on the House floor
- Rep. Jerry Weiers, (puffing out his chest in the House hallways and calling Weiers an "asshole" and a "prick") Patterson later acknowledged in writing that it was inappropriate.
- Patterson also impugned Rep Frank Pratt and invaded Rep. Amanda Reeve's personal space in an attempt to intimidate her
He was untruthful to Rep. Wheeler regarding domestic violence charges and what police reports of the alleged incidents would show and was charged with multiple misdemeanors in Tucson Municipal Court.
Finally, he was removed from all committee assignments.

More from the report, courtesy of TW intern David Mendez, below the cut:

Patterson's feelings toward Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu: "A legislative staff member even recalled Rep. Patterson calling Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu - a homosexual - that 'fag.'"

Patterson's reputation with staffers: "Legislative staff members with whom we spoke describe Rep. Patterson as a person who 'does not care about anyone around him,' is 'a double personality type person,' 'in his own world,' 'creepy,' 'out of control,' unable to control his temper, and who is making his fellow Democratic House Members 'look like they are crazy.'"

House policies instituted because of Patterson:
"We were told that another special House policy necessitated by Rep. Patterson's conduct is that no legislative staff members are allowed to meet with Rep. Patterson alone."

Patterson's "Little Danny": "A staff member recalls Rep. Patterson discussing his vasectomy and explaining his sexual performance, notwithstanding the procedure, as being 'just fine.'"

Patterson's love for his alma mater: "A legislative staff member described Rep. Patterson having sent correspondence to the head coach of the Michigan State University men's basketball team. This correspondence . . . sought free sports memorabilia." (From the footnotes: "That correspondence did not indicate that Rep. Patterson would be willing to pay for any memorabilia received. It appears, however, that Rep. Patterson's plea was successful, having received a Michigan State University basketball personally autographed by [Tom] Izzo that, at one time during this investigation, was viewed on Rep. Patterson's desk in the House chamber.")

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