Monday, March 12, 2012

Eat Some Greens!

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A sink full of greens freshly harvested from Dos Manos Farm in Marana.
  • A sink full of greens freshly harvested from Dos Manos Farm in Marana.

It's sad how long I went without greens in my life. I was in my 30s before somebody introduced me to collards, kale, chard and the various other leafy vegetables that are delicious and have the added benefit of being utterly nutritious as well.

I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one. Local farmers say many shoppers at local farmers' markets don't know what to do with greens. They say their job is equal parts growing the leafy vegetables and educating people about how to use them. Once introduced, however, people almost inevitably come back for more.

There are innumerable kinds of greens and countless ways to use them. Broccoli greens, mustard greens, wild greens and, yes, even purple greens. You can scramble them into eggs, or add them to a chicken casserole for a bit of extra texture. I usually take the purist route, cooking them with a little sautéed garlic and onion so the healthy, vibrant flavors can sing out loud.

The farmers' markets are full of greens right now, but that will taper off when the temperature starts rising. Grab a few bags the next time your at the market and give them a whirl. You might be in for a very tasty surprise.

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